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Family Portrait

Tube Tops

“This is a portrait of me and my mom taken at the local Woolworth’s in the late 70’s. My mom thought it would be cute to take photos in our tube tops. I posted this pic on FB as it’s always been one of my favorites; I thought it was so sweet. Two weeks later, a friend saw it on FB and suggested that it could be a contender for your site. I HAD NEVER THOUGHT OF THE PHOTO IN THAT LIGHT, but now that I see what others see, I can’t stop laughing.”

(submitted by Ruth)

Scream A Little Scream

“Found this in a box of photos from my parent’s attic about 5 years ago. No one remembers the details including my mom. Maybe it was too traumatic. I’m the one screaming.”

(submitted by Barb)

Face Off

“I’m the one in the overalls and my older brother unfortunately cut out his face in our family picture from the 90’s. When I asked him why he did it, he said he was a teenager and that’s what teens do.”

(submitted by IG @brii.xoxoxo

Mannequin In The Middle

“Our family portrait and I look like a ventriloquist doll.”

(submitted by Darin)

The Late Addition

“My dear friend’s mother came up with a very creative solution when, as a little girl, my friend cried upon seeing this photo when she saw she wasn’t in it.”

(submitted by IG @gramma_hadoli)

Sneer For The Camera

“I just love the contrast between my mother’s sweet, Madonna-like appearance and my father’s menacing look.  My sister is the wide-eyed innocent in this photograph, while I am the disconsolate girl in the gingham dress.”

(submitted by Leanne)


“The year was 1992 or 93, the place Olan Mills. I’m the one with glasses, braces and the mushroom cut. My sister and I were wearing matching dresses my grandmother made. There is so much going on in this picture, I don’t even know where to start…It’s cringeworthy all around!”

(submitted by IG @ronislaton

Holiday Hot Tub

“This is a photo of me and my family celebrating the holidays in 1987.”

(submitted by Bud)

Picture Imperfect

“I wanted so badly to get the perfect family photo as a gift for the grandparents. We did get a beautiful photo but this one ended up being my favorite. 15 years later, my mom still has it hanging on her fridge.”

(submitted by IG @megan_thurman

Mom Wanted Twins

“This is a photo of my boyfriend when he was two years old. Why does he match that doll? Why is there a lit candle in the middle of the train? Did the photographer provide the doll and matching outfits? We will never know.”

(submitted by Kirsten)