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Family Portrait

Yellow Fever

“This is what happens when you sneeze during an Olan Mills Christmas picture session. And yes, my parents still used this as our Christmas card. And I have no explanation for the color scheme.”

(submitted by IG @brookeeecoleman

Into The Woods

“We were going for the perfect family photo. Our son had other ideas.”

(submitted by IG @sybkirk


“The Sears portrait photographer couldn’t figure out how to get the families to stand/sit cohesively, so she came up with this pose with me sitting on my husband’s back, trying to get our oldest son to look and smile at the camera. My husband was annoyed, my father-in-law (standing) was done with the photo session & this became our family photo of 2009.”

(submitted by Elizabeth) 


“My mother was taking the photo and told us to look at the light to avoid red eye.”

(submitted by Lizzie)

First Family

“When my parents were getting their portraits taken, the photographer had an idea. My Mom wore a tube top and my Dad took his shirt off. The photographer even entered this in a photography contest and won. He gave them a copy of the photo for posing for him, but what he truly gave us is an amazing captured moment that made me wonder if this is what married life is like. I saw this picture every day hanging up in their bedroom.”

(submitted by Nicole)


“It was the 80s. My dad thought it was a good idea to take a picture in the woods with snow. The look on his face doesn’t validate the brilliance of the idea. Mom chose the color of our shirts. Apparently she expected more of a tropical setting.”

(submitted by Tommy)

Lobster Bisque

“This photo of my family was taken as a Christmas Picture in late 1989, after my younger sister (the “pearl”) was born.”

(submitted by Katharine)

Tub Love

“My parents like to make our Christmas cards ‘one to remember,’ so they came up with this idea. Two parents, seven kids, all in my parents bathtub! One of my brothers turned on the shower while we were all in there and no one could move to get out.”

(submitted by Shandi)

Tough Mudder: Family Edition

“These photos were taken of my family by a local photographer in my area. Not quite sure what she was thinking.”

(submitted by Kyle)

What Are You Looking At?

“Not one smile, my dad’s chest hair is popping, I’m the baby and I look stunned. And why is my dad’s collar touching his shoulders?!”

(submitted by Shannon)