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Family Portrait

The Picker

“My family’s Olan Mills portrait pic taken at a very inopportune moment.”

(submitted by Phil)


“Photo of my two brothers, my sister-in-law and myself (the head apparently sitting on the mantle). My white sweater on a white background helped to complete the unintentional illusion.”

(submitted by Mark)

Almost In Wonderland

“My mom had the idea to photoshop us all on a ‘mushroom log’ one year, which required a lot of green screen editing. We sent this out for our Christmas card that year.”

(submitted by IG @benthevanman)

Head Of The Family

“This beaut of my uncle, aunt and cousins was proudly displayed in their home for years.”

(submitted by Megan)

The Klingers

“We’re a close knit family in case you didn’t notice.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

Directory Assistance

“I was not happy that I had to wear a dress. My little sister was busy picking her nose, and little brother was just plain not a happy camper.”

(submitted by Leigh) 

The Mom Cut

“Mom was definitely an influencer in how we cut our hair.”

(submitted by Karen)


“My mother created these masterpieces. Notice the dolls are wearing them too.”

(submitted by Riann)

Top Dog

“This photo is of my father-in-law, his sister, and their dog when they were kids. The dog was very loved by their mother and she thought it needed to be included in the background of her children. She loved the dog so much that he is even covering up part of her son.”

(submitted by Zach) 

Mullets In The Mist

“This is a picture of my family from 1984 near Vancouver, BC. Apparently, mullets for all family members were mandatory.”

(submitted by IG @travisheppner and IG