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Conspiracy Theory

We know what you’re thinking, but take our word for it- no photoshopping here.

(submitted by DS)

The Graduate

Someone’s feeling a little left out.

(submitted by anonymous)

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Thigh Chair

For those youngsters ages 7 and below who aren’t quite ready to attempt an armshelf.

(submitted by Beckie)

The Role Model

“I was a year old here. My dad started me on the smokes the following year.”

(submitted by Gina)

The Choice

This father chooses wine bar.

The Backpack

This one comes with a belt-strap.

(submitted by Karen)


You should see how cute it is when he falls down the stairs.

(submitted by Darrin)

Here I Go Again

Some people just have “it.”

(submitted by Jasmine)

Hands on a Hardbaby

Grandma lasted the longest at 2 days, 14 hours.

(submitted by Tonia)


Real class is allowing yourself to be showered by chandelier fragments.

(submitted by Amie)