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Birthday Girl

“My 9th birthday, I guess I wasn’t having a great day.”

(submitted by IG @caro_tap

Into The Wild

“This is my little brother when he was about 9. Not sure what is up with the forest animals.”

(submitted by IG @divajennifer and @jbillini

Sausage Party

“My parents used to be farmers and I often helped them when they butchered porks to store meat in their freezer. I kept helping them when my son was born but it was difficult to take care of him and work at the same time so we sat him at the table and he could play with the sausages and roasts while we were working. My son never liked this picture and I suppose that’s why he is now a vegetarian.”

(IG @relaisdekerguen

Spirit Of ’86

“1986 in a nutshell. Badly done Dorothy Hamill hair. Socks with jelly shoes. Dad with his smokes in his pocket. And lots of rattan.”

(submitted by IG @viewholla

The Underoo Tutu

“One year my grandmother bought all of us these beautiful tutus, but all I wanted were underoos, which my mom wouldn’t buy for me because she thought they were hideous. Fortunately, my uncle came through for me and I was so psyched.”

(submitted by IG @mollycoogan

Very Silent Night

“Me, my new Uno set, and my mama’s creepy dolls.”

(submitted by IG @pictureskaratakes

Happy Days

“Me and my dad at a girl scouts 50’s dance thing when i was like…10.”

(submitted by Sarah)

The Worst Week

“The most miserable week of our lives at the happiest place on earth. Disney World 1996.”

(submitted by IG @boom_n_ruck

Santa’s Little Hangover

“Me and the creepiest Santa ever. 1977”

(submitted by IG @ericsgirl100

Santa Support

“Every year my mom would take my brother and I for photos with Santa. I always had a fear of him and this particular year I didn’t want to sit on his lap so the photographer sat me off to the side, my mom held my hand and I refused to look at the camera. Don’t think this went on the Christmas card.”

(submitted by IG @mkyla559