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Half Baked

“1993. Me and my sister wanted to surprise our mum by baking a cake.”

(submitted by IG @mushroom.pendant)

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

“This photo was one pose in a series of shots my family had taken in about 1981. The photographer told the rest of my family to just stare at me while I tried to look dignified.”

(submitted by Ben)


“This was me in first grade. My mom convinced me to cut my hair ‘like Demi Moore in Ghost.'”

(submitted IG @baybeesh

Baptism By Fire

“This is a picture of my baptism. My mom thought it would be great to have a little extra entertainment so two of her friends dressed up as clowns. They used whatever my mom had in her house. I think that’s my moms red shirt and red pants. If you look closely, it looks like the clown on the right has blood on his checkered scarf…”

(submitted by Paola) 


Maker’s Mark

“This is my family back in 1977. My Grandpa got into the bourbon early that day. He is the one passed out beside the tree.”

(submitted by Jennifer) 


“The year was 1997 and this was the theme for my second grade photos. Just casually selling lemonade & riding my skateboard.”

(submitted by IG @donna__noble)

The Luck O’ The Irish

“My grandparents’ Christmas card from 1951 and my favorite annual reminder that font choice matters.”

(submitted by IG @bogartlc

Bathroom Selfie

“This is my sister babysitting my son when he was younger. He eventually worked out the clog.”

(submitted by Zach)

Tree Huggers

“Supposed to be professional photos, but the guy just set up a log and his assistant held up a fake branch (whose hand is in the frame) between my sister Suzy and I (I’m on the right).”

(submitted by Beth)


“This is my sister inside of a toilet lookin’ good.”

(submitted by Blake)