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Turn Around, Bright Eyes

“The whole family went for church directory photos and the photographer decided to be ‘creative’ with us.'”

(submitted by Tomi)


Croatian Vacation

“My parents and my little sister on a vacation in Croatia. It was a long day and she was quite tired.”

(submitted by IG @midnightpeoplemag

Spit Take

“We got more than we bargained for during our family photo shoot. If I ever wrote a book about motherhood this would definitely be the cover! Reality at its finest. At least she waited until the end of the shoot!”

(submitted by Gina) 

Opening Statement

“Found this gem of me and my daughters at the hospital after delivering baby #2.. A few hours in the world and she is already telling us how she feels.”

(submitted by Gen) 

Matching Hickeys

“We took family pictures and my parents had hickeys.”

(submitted by IG @j_me.loves.bacon)

In A Pinch

“Me when I was 3, in a porcupine cosplay, I guess. So fun to be the youngest sibling.”

(submitted by IG @eile.reyx.x)

Food Coma

“This is my son.  That’s me next to him.  Apparently, enchiladas make you tired.”

(submitted by Betsy)

Toilet Trumpet

“This is me in the late 80s in Hampshire, England, and I was taking trumpet lessons at school. I was never one for practicing regularly, so perhaps Mum and Dad saw an opportunity – might as well get some practice done while you’re in there.”

(submitted by IG @mrbelgie

61 Pins

“Our daughter was in gymnastics and her hands were very calloused.  She thought she would see how many stick pins she could insert into the callouses.  She ended up with 61!  Makes a mother proud.”

(submitted by Mary)

The Welcoming Committee

“Everyone was so happy when I was born.”

(submitted by IG @ilustrakarmen