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The Great Divider

“I have triplets, and they have backseat battles. This was my solution. Driving is peaceful now.”

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You’ll Grow Into It

“My grandmother used to love buying my sister and me clothes. Too bad they were always XXL. (Bonus in comments.)”

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The Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction

“This was me and my brother at our aunt’s wedding. His pants were too big for him, but we thought he’d be okay. Of course, his pants came down at the altar.”

(submitted by Kiely)

Grow A Pair

“My son and his little girlfriend wanted a picture with two pumpkins that had grown together. At first he held them in front of his face, so I told him to drop them down a bit. Totally unintentional. He has no idea why we think it’s so funny.”

(submitted by Tara)

All About Dad

“This came home with my 3 year old. Apparently the teacher asked the questions and these were his responses.”

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A Letter From My Daughter

“She is so considerate.”

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Leather Heads

“Me and my mom in the late 90s/early 2000s.”

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Mixed Message

“In preschool, (1996), I made a gratitude book. This is the page for my dad.”

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Winging It

“My parents were at a concert and I just HAD to go.”

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Is It Safe?

“Dad removing my first loose tooth with pliers, 1977.”

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