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Santa’s Little Skeptic

“My daughter is very skeptical of Santa and why his glove is touching her.”

(submitted by IG @michellepickering1207)

Glare Bear

“My 3-year-old daughter wasn’t enjoying picture day.”

(submitted by IG @3reasons2smile)

We Tried

“This is me, my husband, and our three happy children. We rarely get a picture of us all together and this will be the last.”

(submitted by Louise)

Into The Breach

“Going through pics with my kid and ran across this awkward photo.”

(via IG @freebird_024)

Ken Will Never Know

“I got a life sized Barbie when I was 7 and my brother had other ideas.”

(submitted by IG @rchldrpkn)

Dear Satan

“Nephew is unknowingly making a deal with the devil.”

(via source)

I Am The Egg Man

“That time I went to school as Humpty Dumpty for nursery rhyme day, but ended the day as a ballsack.”

(via source)

Santa Shamed

“The thought was, if Santa stood behind the chair, my daughter, the youngest, would be happier. Santa didn’t quite understand, and looks like he’s peeing on the tree.”

(submitted by IG @dernizz)

The 2001 Karate-Puberty Seminar

“Puberty hit so hard.”

(via source)

Skate Or Dad

“Teaching my dad how to skateboard. My mom must have known how this was going to end.”

(submitted by IG @cuhnor)