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Luck O’ The Irish

“My second grader tried to spell ‘pennies.'”

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The Catusi

“My cousin Liam’s birthday party. That’s Catwoman teaching me and my cousins how to dance.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Float On

“My Mom holding my older brother under my Dad’s floating head (1982).”

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Professor Plum

“When I was four my Mom sent my Dad to buy me a suit and take some pictures. This is what he came back with.”

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Supersize Me

“My friend got a couch. Company made a slight mistake.”

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Hello My Pretty

“My sister looking like she’s gonna tear my head off when I was an infant being held by my dad.”

(submitted by Erick)

Da Bomb

“My mom, sitting on a bomb that landed in their backyard. 1958.”

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Chart Topper

“My 1st grader did very well on his spelling test today, only one wrong!”

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Spidey Sense

“My son was invited to a birthday party to learn ‘superhero’ moves. Aka jujitsu. He took it very seriously.”

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Below The Belt

“When your 3 year old sister hits you in the tenders right before a photo op for mom.”

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