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The Promotion

“‘I didn’t ask for this,’ said our very stubborn 2.5 year old. He had the same expression in every photo from the session.”

(submitted by IG @itsbrittlee


“My father-in-law babysitting my 2 year-old daughter Lillian. I’m just thankful they BOTH fell asleep at the same time :)”

(submitted by Euless)

Having A Gutter Ball

“My parents just texted this to me (they’re babysitting). It’s pouring rain and my dad is teaching my girls ‘how to clean gutters.’ They’re thrilled.”

(submitted by IG @xmollyxelisabethx

Rainbow Connection

“Me and my dad about 20 years ago at some holiday eating dessert. I’m obviously being obnoxious and he looks like he’s questioning the decision to have a second kid.”

(submitted by IG @oceanspraygaliano

Crappy Birthday

“This must have been my 10th or 11th birthday. It was a custom that the cousins would give out the birthday spankings, but apparently it got a little rough. I think I look terrified. It’s like a scene out of “Lord of the Flies.” Notice the John Travolta poster in the background, and the fact that my brother is laughing maniacally and holding a leather belt.”

(submitted by Vanessa)

Good Time Girls

“Is that a name for a 7-8 year old softball team, or a gentleman’s club?”

(submitted by Amber) 

Roller Girl

“I found this photo of my parents and I and I now see where my daughters inherited their wonderful ability to roll their eyes at me.”

(submitted by Erin)

Scream A Little Scream

“Found this in a box of photos from my parent’s attic about 5 years ago. No one remembers the details including my mom. Maybe it was too traumatic. I’m the one screaming.”

(submitted by Barb)

The Cabbage Patch Kid

“My adorable boyfriend when he was a kid with his Cabbage Patch doll in matching karate attire. (Side note: He never actually took a single karate class.)”

(submitted by IG @pikassio

Yabba Dabba Don’t

“There used to be a place called Bedrock City. A Flintstones themed park with the characters walking around and stuff. We went in 1987, took a few photos, and inadvertently captured comedy gold.”

(submitted by IG @in_it_to_spin_it)