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The Dress Code

“My husband is the one in the snazzy suit. Getting ready for a school dance, look how happy he is!”

(submitted by Kate)

Going Greek

“Growing up as an American overseas placed us in some interesting photos among the majestic Greek statues.”

(submitted by Sami Lynn)

Show And Tell

“The incident report my buddy got from his daughters daycare.”

(via source)


“My mom has this picture hanging on her wall in her house for everyone to see. She sends it to me every Mother’s Day. This is me when my kids were little. Apparently my kids needed me and so did the dog, while I’m on the toilet.”

(submitted Jill)


“I’m the only person in my family born in America. I’m also the poster child of when your parents dress you and don’t know English.”

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Backseat Driver

“She told me she never wants to sled with me again.”

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The Monster

“Proud of his monster truck drawing.”

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Ball Three

“This perfectly timed photo of my brother attempting to play baseball.”

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Shirt Happens

“We forgot it was picture day. Next time no shirts with words.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Car Trouble

“My nephew calls this piece ‘A car for very tall people.'”

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