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Sausage Party

“Our parents would hang dried meat in our pantry and make us pose in front of it.”

(submitted by IG @kaitlax)


“My mom styled me with teddy bears and sunglasses in the late 90s.”

(submitted by IG @catch_me_if_you_can94

Slumber Support

“No one seemed too concerned by my toddler’s sleeping position.”

(submitted by IG @eahhome

Nightmare On Sesame Street

“This is a photo of me and my mom somewhere in Orange County, California from the early 90s, probably 1990. No idea what the event was for or why there was a creepy Big Bird scaring the kiddos.”

(submitted by IG @sarielovesyou00

The Runaway Mom

“I was just trying to peel my daughter off of me, sit her on the bench and then I was running to get out of the picture. However it looks like I have left my children with their sitter and am running away for dear life!”

(submitted by Jessi) 

The Baby Hand

“If the fact my dad looks like a serial killer or the ET shirt I’m rocking isn’t enough awesomeness in one photo, please enjoy the awkwardness of my dad’s arm with a baby’s hand.”

(submitted by Michael) 

W Is For Birthday

“When I was six I had a George W. Bush-themed birthday. Disturbing? Amusing? Maybe both.”

(submitted by Josie) 

Red Easter

“My first Easter. Looks like even back then I thought it was pretty dodgy.”

(submitted by Lana) 

Very Silent Night

“Me, my new Uno set, and my mama’s creepy dolls.”

(submitted by IG @pictureskaratakes

Cabbage Patch Jack

“Me and my brother in the late 80s when we had gone to visit Babyland General in Georgia. It’s where they make Cabbage Patch Kids, and apparently also nightmares.”

(submitted by IG @cupcaketate