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Flower Girl Down

“Our daughter wanted to throw rocks not flowers at my cousin’s wedding.”

(submitted by IG @kerrinaomi


“Apparently I was not pleased with my brother getting all the attention.”

(submitted by IG @aysenurbulbul

Dad’s Garden

“My father and I back in the early 80’s posing in front of his giant plant. Dad looks pretty proud of his green thumb.”

(submitted by IG @theumamioflife


“Midland, TX in the late 70’s. When Olan Mills Photography, West Texas football, and harvest gold kitchens were ALL the rage. Notice the clenched hands underneath that adorable smile? Don’t let the smile fool you. I was already a Level 8 worrier by this point.”

(submitted by IG @theocdbachelorette

The Corrections Collections

“My uncle was a corrections officer at an upstate NY jail. He collected clown paintings done by the inmates.”

(submitted by IG @arguidaarch

No Nap Day: A Photo Essay

“Here’s our family photo shoot taken a half-hour before bedtime on a no nap day.”

(submitted by IG @patsaidso

Join The Fun

“Splashtown in Texas, 1989 and I am in the middle. Someone should release all those souls.”

(submitted by IG @whypossibly

Appendicitis Day

“My father always likes to document important dates in our lives so when my son’s appendix ruptured on Sunday night and was sent to have an emergency appendectomy, my Dad made sure to take a picture of his ‘Appendicitis Day.'”

(submitted by IG @livetodumplingdumplingtolive)

Fit To Be Tied

“My Mamaw gave my Uncle Greg strict instructions not to untie his tie for picture day. He didn’t listen. And then couldn’t remember how to tie it back.”

(submitted by IG @kycakemaker

The Fallacy

“My kids in Mongolia. They thought this was a cool playground.”

(submitted by IG @allysonseaborn)