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The Choker

“The whole family seems to be so content as I choke off to the side… this is the epitome of my life. No big deal. I am alive and well now – no thanks to any of my relatives :)”

(submitted by Taylor)

Discount Disney

“My mom said my sister and I were going to Disney. It was actually a resort in the neighboring town.”

(submitted by IG @z_isabela

My Favorite Place In Maine

“This is me in 3rd grade. I had used my nana’s hair perming rollers the night before so I would look extra fancy for ‘my favorite place in Maine’ school presentation.”

(submitted by IG @hellogore)

The Man Without A Face

“My grandfather with my father circa 1974 and my grandma divorced him so she photoshopped him out of the picture and yes, this is in a photo album.”

(submitted by IG @idk_9388

The Throne

“My grandma had a old toilet in her backyard for years. One day someone decided to put the baby inside the toilet. It seemed like a good idea at the time…”

(submitted by Bridget)

The Last Action Hero

“My dad one arm-saving me on a roller coaster in 1995 when I was 1. No seatbelt or straps back in those days!”

(submitted by IG @wavy_moo

The Tan-Trum

“We attempted to get a family photo with my grandparents and all the grandkids. Charlie was not being too cooperative.”

(submitted by Stephanie)

In The Name Of The Father

“Me and my dad taking a leak on the North Yorkshire Moors while my younger brother watches 03.05.1992.”

(submitted by IG @tra5h1)

The Sea Was Angry That Day

“This was taken on a boat trip in England in the mid 90’s. Not sure whether it was the rough waters or the matching outfits that was making my little sister so unimpressed.”

(submitted by IG @leannemcclean

Best In Show

“This was at a horse show in 1991. A lovely picture of my mother before her class. And yeah…that’s 8 year old me picking the most epic wedgie of my life.”

(submitted by IG @tifalyn