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“My grandma is a little nutty.”

(submitted by Kort)

Too Close For Comfort

“This is my school photo from second grade. Gee thanks, Mom.”

(submitted by Alisse)

Sleep For Kids

“My daughter gave me this letter yesterday after school and said it was from her teacher.”

(via source)

Happy Days

“For some reason my mother thought this was appropriate decor for a two-year-old.”

(submitted by Kelly)

Sitting Pretty

“This is a picture my mom made me take in high school. I thought it was flattering at the time. Boy was I wrong.”

(submitted by Breana)

The Gift Giver

“My son’s kindergarten journal entry. The assignment was to write about a gift you would give someone.”

(via source)


“My father took this picture of my brothers and me. He’s from Slovakia and English is his second language. Maybe he couldn’t read the sign.”

(submitted by Jessica)

Shell Game

“I was looking through old vacation pictures…”

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Dee Dee And Me

“My girlfriend has always has a fear of clowns, I found this in some photos her mum gave her. Dee Dee the clown was his name and now we know where the fear started! 1993.”

(submitted by IG @dylanlesock)

The Transformer

“My friend’s six-year-old daughter drew this at school.”

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