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Tooth Swap

“I received this photo from my Dad was while he was babysitting my daughter. When she found out Grandpa could take out his teeth, he let her wear them.”

(submitted by Natalie) 

Mom Without A Face

“When my mom needed a photo of herself for some documents, she just cut out her head and left the photo like this in our family album.”

(submitted by Varvara) 

The Headed Horseman

“My family dubbed me ‘fivehead.'”

(via source)

The Sink Stopper

“This is my daughter when she was almost 2 years old. Somehow she had managed to climb into her play kitchen sink. She was then unable to climb back out. Of course we had to take a picture before helping her out! We still have no idea how she managed to get in there!”

(submitted by Sarah) 

Vest In Show

“My family in the 70s. Grandma crocheted these sweater vests for us.”

(via source)


“In the early 90s I took a photo with Ernie.”

(via source)

Inner Clown

“Before Nicholson, Ledger, or Leto, there was me.”

(via source)

Boxed In

“My daughter started out so sweetly then ended on a rather threatening note.”

(via source)

Taking The Plunge

“My daughter collected toilet plungers when she was little. None of them ever met a toilet, face-to-face, she just liked them. She always wanted to see the ‘plunger section’ of any given store we went to. She painted the handles on some of them and would frequently line them up as her opening act for the puppet shows she would put on.”

(submitted by Dan)

Food Coma

“This is my son.  That’s me next to him.  Apparently, enchiladas make you tired.”

(submitted by Betsy)