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Get A Room

“We took a family picture. The photographer wanted to make it look all sweet with us being a little blurry and the kids looking on. She snapped a lot of pictures and of course the kids were disgusted, this was by far the best one!”

(submitted by Becky, photo by Cee Photography

Parting Gift

“That time our friends came to stay for the long weekend and they brought gastro with them.”

(submitted by Lisa)

Doc Ock Jr.

“My nephew, the octopus.”

(via source)

Little Flipper

“My son wasn’t so impressed with my wife trying to take his picture.”

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Burning Question

“My little cousins, both girls, ages 7 and 9, slid this under the door while I was using the restroom.”

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Tower Of Power

“My son wanted to be a water tower for Halloween. This is what my wife made.”

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Not Having It

“We were gonna do a cool pregnancy announcement pic, but our daughter wasn’t having it.”

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The Thinker

“This is why my kid is going places.”

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Valley Of The Dolls

“My daughter had a somewhat worrisome obsession with baby dolls.”

(submitted by Suzanne) 

Early Texting

“Got this series of text messages from our seven-year-old (using my husband’s phone.)”

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