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Tour De Force

“I took our girls to see their dad on tour. It went well.”

(submitted by IG @britainleigh and IG @ajfftg)

Justice League

“My parents took me to a Halloween autograph session with ‘Justice League’ superheroes. Now that I look at it 30 years later I find it quite creepy, particularly Spider-Man.”

(submitted by Paul)

Send Out The Clown

“For my baptism, my parents thought it would be great to hire a clown to entertain me, my little friends and family.”

(submitted by IG @stephania_perdomo

Business Casual

“My son’s first ‘school pictures’ at daycare. I sent him to daycare with dress pants, a dress shirt onesie and a sweater. They forgot his pants.”

(submitted by Kathy)

Son Of The Beach

“My middle son just wasn’t feeling it for the sibling’s shoot.”

(submitted by IG @kimberlyjammet

The Welcome Committee

“My son when he realized he was no longer the baby of the family.”

(submitted by IG @rs_rosemommy

The Actor’s Workshop

“My son cycled through every expression during his first preschool photoshoot… except for the smile.”

(submitted by IG @sara.sinclair

Go Twins

“1987 Twins win the World Series. My brother had just arrived from Korea and had no idea what was going on. And my mom brought out Larry the dummy to celebrate with us.”

(submitted by IG @jawp

Party Fowl

“Me on my Sesame Street-themed second birthday in 1989 and my uncle was dressed as Big Bird. Unfortunately, the costume shop forgot the tights when he picked it up.”

(submitted by IG @lauragrace612

Daddy’s Girl

“My dad and I having a drink in 1985. We’re Irish and German so a little drink here and there is no big deal.”

(submitted by Amanda)