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Chester, Big Bob, And Me

“My mom holding my sister up for a photo op with Chester and Big Bob in 1985.”

(submitted by IG @myfoodobsession365

Spring Forward

“No more mall holiday pictures for my niece after this encounter…”

(submitted by IG @babep0wer

Creepster Bunny

“My daughter’s school picture with the creepiest Easter bunny known to man.”

(submitted by  IG @allthatjez)

Scrambled Eggs

“When I was 5 the ‘Easter bunny’ came to my elementary school.”

(submitted by IG @jessleemus

Bizarro World

“Argentina, 1989. These are my sisters and me with ‘The Pink Panther,’ ‘Alf’ and ‘El Zorro.'”

(submitted by IG @aneleypay

Hair Raising

“In the 80s I was young but my hair was far more…mature.”

(submitted by IG @lightlekasey

The Mouse Before Christmas

“Chile, 1995. A kindergarten picture of me with Santa and a creepy Micky Mouse.”

(submitted by IG @gorn.finarfin

Squatter’s Rights

“My mom, dad, me and my brother taking a lovely family photo. Oh, and the dog.”

(submitted by IG @trigger1980

The Glam Squad

“My parents made my sister and I do glamour shots. We were clearly very into it.”

(submitted by IG @langthomas_studios

Wet Christmas

“Nothing says ‘Holidays’ like waiting in line for an hour and a half to see Santa, only for our son to have an accident the minute before his turn. Santa refused to let him sit on his lap. He gladly welcomed our daughter though, and let’s just say she didn’t enjoy it very much. Can you feel the Christmas magic?”

(submitted by Simon)