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Bugging Out

“My younger sister was taking family pictures for me, and she managed to catch the exact moment that a bug flew in my face!”

(submitted by Kelly) 

Porcelain Dreams

“Mid 90s at my nana’s house. For some reason, all the kids in the family would have their pictures taken on the stairs by the toilet.”

(submitted by IG @ghllrn)

The Heights

“Dad posing with me and my sister at the Grand Canyon and yes, we’re still alive.”

(submitted by IG @mistywendymarie

The Drop

“My parents, son and in-laws on a beach in Roche, Spain. They were trying to get a good photo together but my son wanted to run on the beach and escaped my mum’s grip. It was taken in August this year.”

(submitted by IG @@nataliocernuda_

Bubble Trouble

“I was a ‘bubble bath’ for Halloween in 2002.”

(submitted by IG @ericastormie)

Trick Or Treat Like An Egyptian

“Once, I was Anubis for Halloween.”

(submitted by IG @davidhanosiii

The Easter Basket

“I found this Easter card I made for my parents. The bunny is supposed to be holding an Easter basket.”

(submitted by IG @kristyrdh

Ronnie’s House

“Just found this picture in my sister’s memory book. She has no idea why she was being held by a scary Ronald McDonald and his puppet…obviously a repressed memory.”

(submitted by IG @alaconte9

Fish Pics

“Mom made us pose with fish for pictures.”

(submitted by IG @val_hare 1983

Sun Scream

“Argentina, 1980s. Me with the socks and sandals hugging that diabolical clown, while my mom sunbathes beside us.”

(submitted by IG @ailuromania__)