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Elephants In The Room

“Cousins on my husband’s side of the family on vacation in the 1950’s. Where’s the fence between the elephants and the kids? This is what not to do with your kids on vacation.”

(submitted by Nichelle)

Something’s Fishy

“My son on his first fishing trip with his uncle.”

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“My best friend at the age of three, sharing a sparkling 4th of July with his father.”

(submitted by Roxanne) 

Woman’s World

“Should I be concerned about my 8 year old daughter’s “shopping list for everything”?

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Fairy Metal

“When your parents want you to be a cute little fairy but you prefer heavy metal.”

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What’s In A Middle Name?

“My neighbor’s daughter has the craziest middle name. After years of taking his word for it, I asked her father for proof.”

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61 Pins

“Our daughter was in gymnastics and her hands were very calloused.  She thought she would see how many stick pins she could insert into the callouses.  She ended up with 61!  Makes a mother proud.”

(submitted by Mary)

Team Swirlie

“So this happened in the morning.”

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Toys R Gone

“Wife took the boys to Toys R Us for my oldest’s birthday.”

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The Great Divider

“I have triplets, and they have backseat battles. This was my solution. Driving is peaceful now.”

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