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Sour Turkey

“My 9 y.o. cousin’s recipe for cooking a turkey.”

(via source)

Throwing Shade

“This is myself as a wee lad, and both of my parents and no one can remember why we were all wearing glasses.”

(submitted by IG @dammdom_)

Semi Perm

“We live in a rural super small town in central Illinois. My Aunt who had moved to the ‘big city’ (Chicago) went to beauty school. She came home to visit with her home perm set. We were all impressed.. She set it up in our kitchen and permed me, my mom and my 3 siblings. I had the longest hair so she just did my bangs. Mullets weren’t even a thing yet!”

(submitted by Devin) 


“Our perfect family photo shoot was only a little hampered by my 2 year old granddaughter who decided to throw a complete fit during the sitting. We gave up trying to get her to look good and let her ‘do her own thing.’ She ended up at the bottom of the stairs and we went on without her…so to speak.”

(submitted by Minda)

Full Body Jacket

“It was the 90s and our grandpa brought us to a Chinese Ice Sculpture event in São Paulo, Brazil. They obviously weren’t ready to provide coats for kids.”

(submitted by IG @flasalama)


“My mom thought it would be funny to dress her son as ‘Frank-n-swine’ for Halloween. She was right. 1989.”

(submitted by IG @scottypectol)

In The Name Of Science

“My 12 year old son’s assignment was finding a field of science to research and draw a picture of. My son chose proctology.”

(submitted by Nicole)

Uneasy Rider

“My son Wille has never been a fan of fun rides. He is 17 now and still doesn’t like it. (I’m the one in blue, the one in red is my sister).”

(submitted by IG @lackberg)

“Big Bird”

“This was my second birthday party, November 15th, 1986! Apparently, this was supposed to be Big Bird. But clearly, this is not Big Bird. I would think I would be more frightened (given the lack of eyes!!!).”

(submitted by Jess) 

The Ultra Mullet

“Glad my wife changed hairstyles since then.”

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