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Scenic Stop

“This was the only bench around to rest after a long hike, so we sat and took five….”

(submitted by Rhonda)

Gut Check

“Here’s me driving a houseboat around age 8 in Arkansas with either my dad or my uncle’s belly as the co-pilot.”

(submitted by IG @littlecloudjen)

The Princess And The Grandpa

“Grandpa flirting with a Disney Princess.. grandma not too happy about it (1970).”

(via source)

The History Lesson

“My dad told us to pose by a commemorative plaque in Virginia City, Nevada.”

(submitted by IG @hollyhakala

Dolphin Bomb

“Dolphin jumped in front of my parents photo whilst in the USA.”

(via source)


“This is a picture of my Dad during our 1997 trip to Disney World in Florida. Fanny packs and mid-riff shirts, and nut-hugging shorts were Dad’s preferred ensemble. He had started a mullet a couple of years before this and refused to cut it until he retired. He’s still working, but my mom told him she wouldn’t go with him on their 32nd Anniversary cruise celebration unless he cut it. He finally gave in.”

(submitted by Laura)

Mistake On The Lake

“We shelled out the bucks to stay at this lovely lakeside resort in McCall, Idaho. The hope was to capture a scenic and memorable photo for our annual holiday/Christmas card. ‘Memorable’ is what we ended up with  because we dared to suggest our two year old say ‘cheeeeeeze’ for the photo.”

(submitted by Anita)

Squeeze Play

“When we were in St. Martin, I saw a great opportunity to take a nice picture of my husband and son. Right as I snapped the picture my son pinched my husband in a “sensitive spot”….the result was unexpected, classic, and very awkward!”

(submitted by Dana)

Black Smoke Beach

“This is what happens when you google search a beach that you aren’t familiar with. This beautiful and ‘quiet’ beach was just a staircase leading down into the water. There was a constant stream of people leaving who looked disappointed.”

(submitted by Cassandra)

On The Rocks

“We loved this particular beach in Minnesota. We didn’t realize what the writing on the rock meant until much later! My sister (left) and her best friend would sit and play in front of that rock for hours.”

(submitted by Leeana)