Rock of Ages Awkward 80’s Photo Contest!

Congratulations to Katie and her siblings for letting their true colors come shining through and winning the Awkward 80’s contest! Katie receives signed copies (by the authors) of the New York Times-bestselling Awkward Family Photos books, the Awkward Family Photos board game, official movie merchandise, and a Fender electric guitar signed by Diego Boneta, one of the stars of Rock of Ages!

See all the finalists below! Check out all the submissions here! Read the official rules here.

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Drawn Together

“This is a photo of myself and my brother and sister wearing one of the worst Christmas presents from the late 80’s. My great aunt crocheted these matching sweaters for us and thought we would love them. We were forced to wear them to the theater when we went to see Home Alone. Embarrassing to say the least.”

Submitted by Katie

Denim Days

“I am the little girl who looks to be about 40 years old and that’s my brother on the right. My mother wanted our portraits done and we didn’t want to be anywhere near each other so she bribed us with candy bars to stand back to back like best buds. Oh yeah, and clad entirely in denim. Why did we all have those giant glasses in the 80’s? I look like Tootsie.”

Submitted by Kristin

Half Mesh, All Man

“This is a picture of my mother’s two younger brothers and our uncle. My Uncle Mike is the hairy one in the half mesh, cut-off shirt with the socks pulled up, the one next to him is his younger brother Craig, and the one next to Craig is my Uncle Ron. This was at a family picnic back in the 1980’s. My Uncle Mike was obviously the most fashionable of the bunch.”

Submitted by Jessica

Glamour Girls

“A photo of my dear friend and her mom and sister.”

Submitted by Katie


Submitted by Melissa

A Touch of Pink

“This is me, heading out to my BFF’s bat mitzvah at age 13. what you can’t see is that there’s a bow that matches the one on my shoulder on the back of my head.”

Submitted by Nina

Ordinary People

“It’s ’82 and I’m the dumbfounded baby with a mullet.”

Submitted by Jeanette

Strike a Pose 2

“This is a picture of me in 1986. I was 12 years old and, as you can tell by my pose, very confident and sassy. I had checked myself in the mirror only minutes before this photo was taken and was quite convinced that I was looking pretty good!! I had my mullet, which had been meticulously curled with hot rollers and sprayed with a generous mist of Aqua Net. I had my flannel paisley Esprit shirt with the collar up. And, finally, I had my glasses. The glasses that I myself had selected after my previous pair had been tragically broken in a sledding accident. I remember they were Diane von Furstenberg and was so proud that they were from the women’s section of LensCrafters.”

Submitted by Jennifer

Blending In

“This is me , little bro, and little sis camping (in the 80’s) in Yellowstone.”

Submitted by Bridget


“Yep, this is my family. It’s from 1986. Need I say more?”

Submitted by Jeff