Awkward Wedding Contest




Congratulations to Michelle and her parents’ “Head Games” for winning the title of Most Awkward Wedding Photo and a package of Arthur-inspired wedding gifts (including official movie t-shirts, a money clip, and a luxury bath set) as well as a signed copy of the Awkward Family Photos book! Honorable mention goes out to Emily’s Holy Photo Bomb, proving that awkwardness is divine.

Thanks to all of our nominees and the whole AFP community for submitting so many amazing photos (see all the submissions here) and don’t forget to check out ARTHUR in theaters now!



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Head Games

“Mom & Dad wedding 1984. Wedding photos just aren’t what they used to be.”

Submitted by Michelle

Holy Photo Bomb

Submitted by Emily

Out Of My Bouquet

“This is the bouquet toss at my wedding. My niece is decking one of the flower girls. Our photographer managed to get four shots of this!”

Submitted by Kayla

Very Velour

“This wedding portrait was taken at my father’s best friends wedding. My pop is the mustachioed man wearing the burgundy velvet suit in the top right corner. I am the one on the bottom holding the taco-like basket. Why is there wheat? I do not know.”

Submitted by Fiona


“We had the worst wedding photographer in the world. I think this says it all.”

Submitted by Amy

That Magic Moment

“Where to start…the wind blowing my hair into my mouth the exact moment of our kiss? My husband’s amazing glowing mullet? Our preacher digging the moment? I just can’t decide!”

Submitted by Fran

The Bride of Mulletstein

“This photo is from our wedding which took place on March 7th, 1987. For some strange reason our wedding photographer thought it would be really romantic if Shirlee acted as if she were crouching inside my mullet. What was he thinking?”

Submitted by Anthony

Tops Off Dance Off

“My Wedding: August of 2004. In what has become know as a “family” thing, men from his side shed clothes as the night goes on. This is me and my husband’s Uncle about half way through our reception at a local restaurant/bar.”

Submitted by Anne-Marye

Captain Hooked

“This is my husband and I the night of our wedding. His “friends” thought it would be funny to put a fish hook on the steering wheel of the car, because I “HOOKED” him. In our celebratory state he got the hook stuck in his hand. We had to go to the ER to get it removed and he had to get a tetanus shot. The ER staff took this picture and gave us back the hook to keep.”

Submitted by Becky


“This is my mother’s wedding picture…big hair and shoulder pads!”

Submitted by Nicole