Blended Awkward Canadian Portrait Contest

In honor of Blended starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore (in theatres 5/23), we are proud to announce the Awkward Canadian Portrait Contest! If you have an awkward family portrait and you live in Canada, submit your pic by 8:59 pm pst on May 24th for your chance to win a new Sony DSLR camera!

See all the submissions below! Read the official rules here.

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One and Done

“I remember the day this family photo session took place. I refused to smile for any pictures, I can only assume I was upset with my crimped hair disaster. They took about 40 pictures, and this was the best one. We never got family photos done again.”

Submitted by Christine

Red Storm

Submitted by Tori

Garbage Pail Kid

“This photo is of me and my two sisters in Jasper, Alberta. This is actually a garbage can at the hotel we were staying at. They thought it would be a good idea for me to climb in the garbage can for the picture taken by my Mom.”

Submitted by Jeff

Red Alert

“Can you guess who our dad is?”

Submitted by Brad


“The last time having fun with my bro before he moved to Alberta.”

Submitted by Kayla

Cat’s Eyes

“Her sister turned six and had a great gift that SHE wanted!”

Submitted by Corinne

Perm Pride

“I was 12, I had just gotten the highest award available at the time in Girl Guides. I had also just gotten a perm. Mom thought this would be the perfect time for a photo shoot.”

Submitted by Julie

Brain Candy

“Not sure what the thought was behind this picture but my Dad still has it hanging in his room.”

Submitted by Julann

Send in the Clown

“Halloween still gives me nightmares.”

Submitted by Virginia

The Kids are Alright

“This is a photo of me, my brother and mother. All my mom really had to say about it is that we “didn’t like the photographer”. He came every year, and every year our pictures turned out like this.”

Submitted by Kitty