The Awkward Sisters Photo Contest

spider girl

After receiving the most submissions in AFP history (over 3,000!), we’re proud to announce our winner. Congratulations to Ashley for winning a $1000 gift card and for showing us a new, and extremely confusing, sisterhood bond! Here’s the story in her own words:

My sister (the legs in the picture) and I (the face) were taking dance pictures and the photographer wanted us to strike our favorite pose. My sister is 10 years older than me so needless to say, we came home with an entertaining conversation piece!

Congratulations to our two runners-up, Melanie and Hannah and thanks to everyone in the AFP community for so many amazing submissions!

I remember being so proud that my sister and I had built a snowman. It wasn’t until years later that I understood why our parents thought it was so funny.

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time last year and we wanted to do something we would never forget. So on a cold October evening we braved the weather and met my photographer friend in the park. While we were taking pictures we all of a sudden noticed a flash from across the street – there was an old man standing on his apartment balcony taking our photos as well. We decided that was when we should call it quits – but not before we got this hilarious photo among a few others.

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Early to mid 90s… Wilson Phillips was popular. It’s hard to be an angst risen teen while wearing MOM jeans.

Submitted by Casey

The Smell of St. Nick

Santa smelled like cigarettes, b.o. and whiskey. My sister was NOT into it, and I was super excited that she was throwing a fit. I thought it meant Santa wouldn’t give her any presents and I would get double the bounty.

Submitted by Jennifer

Slumber Party

I cannot attest to the context of this photo because I am the pair of legs sticking out of the crib, but my sister and I are clearly zonked at the end of a long day.

Submitted by Colleen

In Plain Sight

Right when my middle child wallflower syndrome was bursting forth in full force.

Submitted by Emily

The Interloper

There’s a 10 year age difference between my sister and I and she used to get under my skin especially in my teen years…

Submitted by Christina


Little sisters first Christmas and she hates pictures. Oldest sister loves getting her picture taken and doesn’t understand why anyone would cry because of it.

Submitted by Emily

Mullet For Two

This was one of the only pictures that we actually went somewhere and had them professionally taken.The only other time after this was our senior pictures. My sister (in red) had to tilt her head slightly to hide the scratch on her face from me. She tried to kill me on a daily basis and scratching was the only thing that stopped her. We get along much better now though.

Submitted by Stephanie

Christmas Baby

My 1/2 yr old did NOT want to sit in her (3yr) sisters lap for a pretty Christmas picture.

Submitted by Rachel

Shoulder Ponies

We couldn’t be more excited to see this movie together. Pony power!

Submitted by Pam

First Impressions

You can tell I am super happy about being a big sister. Pretty sure I just realized I would have to share everything.

Submitted by Leslie