Why Him? Awkward Photo Gallery


“I have a cat named Beatrix Kiddo that hates everything that moves. (I am sure you can guess which one is her) My husband and I decided to get a little family photo before we move and Beatrix was not having it. Moments after this photo she slapped and hissed both of us.”

Submitted by Amanda

Nighty Nite Brite

“Christmas eve and we were opening presents. My mom’s boyfriend was taking a picture to get my mom’s reaction opening her present which was a nighty. He took the picture and I’m thinking “woo lite brite!” and my mom and the dog are looking at the lingerie thinking “what the heck is this?!”

Submitted by Heather

Photoshop By Dad

“Every summer, my family gets together at our cottage for the “family weekend” and we take a family photo. This photo is then incorporated into the family Christmas card, which is sent out to hundreds and of family and friends. But this summer, my brother and I couldn’t make it, so we weren’t going to be included in this year’s holiday photo. Or so we thought…Can you spot my brother and I? I bet you’ll have a hard time, I think my dad did a great photoshop job and this is our best family photo yet!”

Submitted by Jordan

Snake Charmers

“I believe this picture occurred circa 1987 on an exciting trip to Mesa Verde. My brother and I found this wounded bull snake, which naturally called for a picture.”

Submitted by Amanda

Dance Mom

“My mom was a dance teacher, and I danced my whole life. For a few years even my little brother danced. Apparently this year my mom thought it would be a great idea if we all got our picture taken together in our costumes… Apparently none of us were too thrilled about it.”

Submitted by Candice

Birds of a Feather

“This was the summer of 1966 & our family was on vacation in Miami, Florida. We visited the Parrot Jungle & I was 9 years old with a full set of braces and head gear. I thought I looked quite awesome at the time! You be the judge.”

Submitted by Lisa

Sibling Revelry

“Our two kids had been so excited while waiting in the line to see Santa, jumping up and down, waving to him, calling out to him- when they finally got up to his lap they turned on him completely. This photo is our favorite photo of the kids, since it shows their personalities perfectly.”

Submitted by Sarah


“While taking some touching photos of my baby sitting up for the first time, his brother and cousin started fighting in the background, which made for a priceless photo.”

Submitted by Debbie


“My husband and I had just started dating in this photo. Call it a foreshadow?”

Submitted by A

Grandma’s Slide

“Playing in grandma’s back yard with some of her old rusty playground equipment.”

Submitted by Gregory