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A Calendar 2025

Monkey Business

“We’re on a family trip to Thailand. My wife wanted my son to take pictures with the monkeys. My wife only had eyes for our son, and not what the monkeys were doing in the background.”

(submitted by Rob) 

The Last Picture Show

“Christmas 2012 and this was the last pic of the night. Grandparents with their granddaughters. As you can see, everyone had had enough.”

(submitted by Christy)

Get Jorty

“My family took a trip to the Big Island in 1997. I’m full of angst in a Nine-Inch Nails shirt, my brother is in a Ying-Yang shirt and my dad is sporting jorts. It’s a classic!”

(submitted by Annie)

Pick Of The Litter

“This is everyone’s favorite of the attempts at a perfect Christmas portrait of the kids this year.”

(submitted by Kaitlyn)

Ho Ho No

“Santa had lost his Christmas spirit long before my boys showed up.”

(submitted by Lynn)

Express Yourself

“This is my life now:

My high schooler: ‘I’m never having children.’
My middle schooler: ‘If I look good then I can at least cut out a headshot from this photo.’
My elementary schooler: ‘I’m smiling pretty but oh my god what is he doing.’
My toddler: ‘I AM DONE.'”

(submitted by Samantha) 



“Told our son to put his arm around his sister for annual Xmas card pic – she didn’t like it.”

(submitted by Sandy) 


“My nephew’s first picture day. He tried so hard to have the perfect smile. Instead he looks like he has dead bodies in his freezer.”

(submitted by Brandon)

Mom’s Moment

“We were doing family photos for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah. The photographer told us to make funny faces but my mom took it to the next level…”

(submitted by Robin) 

The Winner

“Of all of the shots taken that day, this was the one that my parents picked. And this large 10×13 framed photo hung on our wall for years.”

(submitted by Michelle)