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A Calendar 2025

The Birthday Girl

“This was taken for my mom’s December birthday — notice the weird birthday cake with Christmas trees on it. She looks thrilled. One hand with a death grip on my brother (who thought he was the ultimate warrior from WWE) and the other with a cigarette to take the edge off.”

(submitted by Tiara)

Happy F-Day!

“Our daughter was so pleased with her Father’s Day poster. Good intention, not sure about the execution, but it is awesome!”

(submitted by Julie)

Deep Belly

“My wife was pregnant with our daughter and we were getting portraits done for our church’s directory. The Olan Mills photography took the typical photos, then wanted to do some special pregnancy portraits for us. He had me kneel down in front of my wife, holding her belly, and used a backlight. I appreciate what he was trying to do, but when my wife and I look at the photo, we joke that I just look like I’m hungry and about to take a bite.”

(submitted by Jonathan)

Spitting Image

“Trying to take one of our first family photos and thought we’d get a little sappy…it didn’t sit well with our baby!”

(submitted by Candace)

Tupperware Trims By Mom

“My mother cut our family’s hair.”

(submitted by Christian)


“We had just moved to Arizona and our parents took us out to the desert to get a nice Christmas card photo with the family dog. This was the photo the card company printed on 200 cards.”

(submitted by Mariesa) 

Side Eye Santa

“Annual Santa visit at the mall with my sis. I don’t think my sister made the list that year.”

(submitted by Lisa)

Ricky The Clown

“Ricky the Clown – hired by my dad for my 2nd birthday – haunts us to this day.”

(submitted by Rita) 

Leg Up

“This is how I found my husband and son after a diaper change. Neither was aware anything was amiss. It still makes me laugh 10 years later.”

(submitted by Heather) 

Red Easter

“My first Easter. Looks like even back then I thought it was pretty dodgy.”

(submitted by Lana)