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The Bathroom Scholar

“I think I was cramming for an important test.”

(submitted by Andy)

Bowl Games

“We woke up and looked everywhere for my niece. Here is where we found her, calm as could be.”

(submitted by Rosa) 

Salon de Bidet

“My twin girls when they were about three years old were playing hairdresser and using the bidet as a sink.”

(submitted by IG


“My mom has this picture hanging on her wall in her house for everyone to see. She sends it to me every Mother’s Day. This is me when my kids were little. Apparently my kids needed me and so did the dog, while I’m on the toilet.”

(submitted by Jill)

Training Day

“Me and my dad during potty training.”

(submitted by IG @heyyleee

Potty Of Three

“This is a photo of my mother with my brother on her lap. I am the one with chicken pox standing in the front. There are SO many things wrong with this photo. The first being location, I guess my mother  just needed a place to sit. The question I have is why the big hair and makeup?”

(submitted by Chelsey)

Roll With It

“I asked my two year old to ‘Bring me the toilet paper from the other bathroom.'”

(via source)

Playtex Time

“A picture of my two nephews. My sister was taking a shower and this is what she walked in on.”

(submitted by Megan) 

An Unexpected Guest

“As a parent, this is only funny the first time.”

(via source)


“Went to my neighbor’s house the other night for dinner. This was above his toilet. He’s the guy in the picture.”

(via source)