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Barbie Gone Wild

“My mom attempted the Barbie cake for my 8th birthday. A neighbor gave her general instructions, and my brother and best friend were clearly unimpressed with the results.”

(submitted by Emma) 

Muscle Head

“I ordered this cake for my son’s birthday. When we saw it we were all confused.”

(submitted by Sara)

The Candle Chip

“Yep, no birthday candles. Fortunately, my Boy Scout sons knew Doritos could hold a flame.”

(submitted by Rebecca)

The Gentleman’s Cake

“My husband presenting the “gymnastics” themed birthday cake to our daughter but the cake looks more like a party cake for a private club.”

(submitted by Leslie)

Fish Food

“The cake we had planned to make for our sister’s 40th birthday party and the end result.”

(submitted by IG @franklingamms)

The Horn Cake

“It was my daughter’s 1st birthday and my mother in law made her a unicorn cake. My mother in law is so kind and sweet and amazing and has made her grandkids birthday cakes every year. This one was just….hard to know where to look….”

(submitted by IG @hungerkristen)

Retiremint Partee

“The young guy taking my order over the phone had me spell ‘your,’ ‘retirement,’ ‘we’ll,’ & ‘Deb’—clearly I should’ve spelled ALL the words for him! We’re lactation consultants…we fixed it.”

(submitted by IG @erin_juanita

Happy Birthday Stephen

“Asked for a cake for Steven except with a “PH”… should’ve been more specific.”

(via source)

Hog Wild

“My friend attempted to make a ‘hedgehog’ for her 14-year old son’s birthday.”

(via source)

Cake Envy

“My wife was more excited about the cake than marrying me.”

(via source)