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dolls and dummies

Sleep Watchers

“Grandma Hazel’s dolls would come to life while I slept.”

(submitted by IG @morganawallace

Brother Nicholas

“My father dabbled in ventriloquism. Apparently having four kids wasn’t enough. He kept his little friends in the closest and I told all my friends my dad played with dolls. Don’t worry, Nicholas, (the actual dummy pictured), got all of our hand me downs.”

(submitted by Sarah) 

Dummy Love

“What started as a joke Father’s Day gift picked up from a yard sale became our daughter’s best friend. She strolls him around in her baby stroller, sleeps next to him every night and insists he be tucked in with her.”

(submitted by IG @sobonoodles)

Chester, Big Bob, And Me

“My mom holding my sister up for a photo op with Chester and Big Bob in 1985.”

(submitted by IG @myfoodobsession365


“My sisters and I were professionally photographed with identical dolls in matching prairie dresses.”

(submitted by IG @carinalindberg_23)

Mini Me

“This is me looking at a cloth doll version of myself someone gifted me as a baby…I still wonder who thought this would be a good idea because it’s not creepy at all.”

(submitted by IG @veranomura


Doll Parts

“Our daughter, fast asleep with one of her dolls.”

(submitted by IG

Grandma’s House

“My grandma’s house was practically haunted, from all the human sized dolls to the fake, well, everything. We just decided to go along with all of it back in 2002.”

(submitted by IG @shelleynka


“This is a photo of me. & people wonder why I am afraid of dolls. Thank you, mom & dad.”

(submitted by Sara)


Peewee And Me

“My great-grandmother bought a mobile home to store her doll collection. This was the one she decided should be mine.”

(submitted by IG @kameronallison and IG @kristi_d_allison