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Maximum Mullet

“My dad’s hair won the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @parysite

Bowl Game

“You aren’t gonna believe this but that wasn’t a professional barber that cut my hair. This masterpiece was done by my father.”

(submitted by IG @therealjeffcarroll

The Mom Cut

“Mom was definitely an influencer in how we cut our hair.”

(submitted by Karen)

There’s Something About Lottie

“When I was in 6th grade, my two older sisters were popular and had big hair, and I was an awkward kid so I thought I’d be cool for a day. I went to town on the Aquanet hairspray. I used almost half a can to get this Big Bang as tall as I could. The photographer literally had to take a step back to fit my hair in the school photo and i really don’t know how he kept a straight face. I shared this on Instagram once and couldn’t even fit it in the crop.”

(submitted by IG @lottie.lillian)

The Two-For-One

“Me in 1988 at 9 yrs old. Permed mullets rock.”

(submitted by IG @hawkeye_girl11

Bang Bang

“I cut my best friend’s bangs in fourth grade, right before picture day. Miraculously, we’re still friends.”

(submitted by Molly)

The Rod

“This is a picture of me in 4th grade. At the time my mother, was a huge Rod Stewart fan. so much so that she recreated his hairstyle… on me.”

(submitted by Taylor)

Embrace The Blowout

“Mom made me poof up my hair and take this picture for my Dad for fathers day back in 1987. Whenever I post this on her Facebook page she deletes it. Sorry Mom, embrace the 80’s. Don’t be ashamed!”

(submitted by Blair)

Beware of Hair

“I always had more hair than mom knew how to handle and when I begged for a big updo, I got it! When I used to look at this photo, I always thought my little sister was just afraid of getting her picture taken, but I now realize she was probably just terrified of what was on top of my head.”

(submitted by Delila)

Power Permullet

“I told the hairdresser to perm the top only. Not sure what I was thinking.”

(submitted by Rebecca)