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Hands On

“My sister and her three kids live 2,000 miles away from my family and me. They wanted to make a gift for my mom, their Nana.”

(submitted by IG @amanda_deang)

Make A Splash

“Forgot it was picture day at school. My mom grounded me for wearing that shirt.”

(submitted by Joe)

Lost In Translation

“I was going through old family photos with my best friend when I came across this gem. Looks like the shirt should say ‘sweatshirt,’ but the way he’s positioned it looks like it says ‘Eat…'”

(submitted by Amanda)

The Rub

“This is my husband when he was 6 or 7. His grandma sent him to school on PICTURE DAY in this shirt. You can’t see the bottom, but the shirt actually says ‘Rub it easy, make it hard.’ No joke. His grandma obviously was clueless. Needless to say, he didn’t wear it to school again.”

(submitted by Wendy)

I Go For The Wings

“My cousin told me Hooters was a donut shop.”

(submitted by Michael) 

Morris The Cat

“My husband is the baby in this photo and those are his parents. His grandmother gave them all Morris the cat t-shirts (redeemed from a cat food giveaway) and made them pose for a picture in them. I think the looks on everyone’s faces describes their appreciation for the gifts.”

(submitted by IG @trinatheone

Where’s The Beef?

“This was me in 1985 wearing my favorite outfit I constructed from various bags full of ‘hand me downs’ my cousin used to give my mother.”

(submitted by IG @eirikir)


“My Mom let me pick out my clothes for picture day. I even took a pair of her earrings to tie together my all red outfit. I wasn’t thinking when I picked my shirt. The camera cut off at the exact wrong point.”

(submitted by Gina) 

Energize Her

“I’m not really sure of the back story. All I know is my parents dressed me in a Kama Sutra-style bunny shirt. It clearly wasn’t mine, as it touched the ground.”

(submitted by Melanie)

The Naughty Nightie

“The design on my grandma’s night gown.”

(via source)