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The Placeholder

“This was my parent’s pregnancy announcement in 1991 a couple months before my birth. My dad saved the cardboard outline and gave it to me before the birth of my first child.”

(submitted by IG @lucy_regalado


“This is a picture of me (the little girl), my brother, and my parents. Yes, my brother is wearing acid washed jeans held up by red suspenders. Yes, my father is rockin’ the pencil ‘stache. Yes, I have the ‘I need an adult’ face. I’m not sure what concerns me more – what my parents are doing to my brother or my brother’s enjoyment of it.”

(submitted by Phuong)

90s Kid

“My daughter, 6th grade, age 12 with all of her favorite things. Dennis Rodman jersey, JNCO jeans, her violin, picture of Hanson and her weird little stuffy dog/bear.”

(submitted by IG @mermaid12chel

East German Style

“With relatives in West Germany (before the reunification in 1989), we were in the lucky position to get some Levi’s jeans or hot fake snakeskin pants.”

(submitted by Marcus)

Woke Up Like This

“Yes, this is my freshman year photo. And yes, my parents demanded a reshoot.”

(submitted by IG @joshbarlas

Set For Life

“Nothing makes a pubescent girl feel cooler than a ‘properly set table’ Halloween costume. Let’s just say the costume did not fare well on the school bus.”

(submitted by IG @jeepersmiepers

Hat Trick

“I had just had my third son in less than 4 years. My 2 year-old jumped up on the bed to meet the baby and onto my c-section incision and my 3 year old dropped his pants.”

(submitted by IG @carrie_lehman

Bringing Home The Bacon

“The only thing I know about this photo is that my parents were at a business event.”

(submitted by IG @jj.quelin

Discovery Toys

“This pic was taken in the early 90s after my great grandmother had just died. My father had built her coffin and my cousins and I thought it would be fun to play around in it before her burial. I’m the child in the middle.”

(submitted by IG @neekolo

The Litter

“One pet turned into 14 quickly.  All are under 2 years old! They’re very well behaved, which is our saving grace.”

(submitted by Troy)