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Wild Kingdom

“My daughter when she was about one year old had her face photoshopped into animal scenes for a children’s book someone made for us when we lived as ex pats in China.”

(submitted by IG @laurakrzyw

Say Yes To The Vest

“On family picture day, we were made to wear these homemade vests with prints of Scottish terriers on them. But what the camera doesn’t capture is the shame we felt when we put them on. Unable to look each other in the eye, we bore our humiliation with silent equanimity. The dogs and the baby weren’t having it either.”

(submitted by Christopher)

Poster Children

“My brother and I were asked to do a shoot for our hairdresser. I think we got a free lunch out of the deal and a life size poster!”

(submitted by Jennifer) 

“No Sister”

“Drew this when I was about in first grade, circa 1993. Needless to say, I wasn’t the biggest fan of my sister at the time.”

(submitted by Ryan) 

Maui Meltdown

“My family was leaving Maui after a 3 week stay to go back to cold, rainy Canada. I had a major meltdown at the airport. As you can see, my mother is not impressed, my sister is amused, and my Dad took it as a photo opportunity.”

(submitted by Laura) 

Favorite Things

“Here we see my uncle and grandparents, in a photo taken by my mom. My grandpa (the one with the 3-foot long pointy shirt collar) is happily showing us a centerfold spread from a gentlemen’s magazine while my uncle and grandma display a crochet blanket. My mom told everyone to grab their favorite item from around the house before she took the photo.”

(submitted by Vanessa)

Bad Teacher

“I was going through my daughter’s old schoolwork and I just noticed what it says on the teacher’s shirt!”

(submitted by Katherine)

Fish Fright

“My son caught his first fish, he was all cool with it until it flipped and scared him to death!”

(submitted by Kendall) 

Area 81

“Not sure what grandma and her friend were up to.”

(submitted by IG @jj.quelin


“I got my own phone line when I turned 13 because this is what I had to deal with.”

(submitted by IG @christiedannewitz