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Backyard Salon

“This is me in my backyard with my mother when she was styling my hair.”

(submitted by IG @kimberly_patt

The Dude Abides

“We were riding a camel while visiting the zoo on a family vacation in the mid 80s and we were so excited. The dude leading the camel felt differently.”

(submitted by IG @Justin_Gatzke

The Original Tan Mom

“My mother was so tan, she looked like a member of a different family. On another note, our dog ‘Snowball’ seemed pleased.”

(submitted by IG @douglaswrightmeyer

Thrill Seekers

“My mom and I agreed to accompany my son on his first roller coaster while visiting Legoland this summer. It went well.”

(submitted by IG @carlycross

Stranger Things

“Me, my mom, and a stranger in a mask at a Halloween party when I was 4. Nice to see my mom smiling and having a good time while I was completely freaking out.”

(submitted by IG @knottyholly

The Dad Canyon

“My Dad took my brother and I to the Grand Canyon in the early 80s. Sweet midriff my Dad had going on.”

(submitted by IG @jefffarquhar

My Moment With Minnie

“That’s me and a terrifyingly sinister Minnie Mouse (zoom into the eyes if you dare) in the late 1980s at a hotel we were staying in. At first glance I thought my hand was tied to the other child’s but then realised it was ‘Minnie’s’ gloves.”

(submitted by IG @SparkleRocket

The Unusual Suspects

“Our happy Christmas in 90s Brazil.”

(submitted by IG @paula_bissoni

Baby In Back

“No seat belts, four kids and the baby just tossed In the back of our 60s Rambler station wagon. Because that’s how we rolled back then.”

(submitted by IG @elainekcory

Bird Is the Word

“The year everyone was an angel for Halloween but I insisted on being a toucan.”

(submitted by IG @_chloekelleher_)