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“We were getting professional family photos taken in Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon and as the sun started setting, more and more random people started flocking around us. This random drunk guy decided that he wanted to get in our picture!”

(submitted by Sarah)

Recreating The Awkwardness

“This photo is a recreation we took of our kids 11 years later at Lake Louisa in Clermont, FL.  We often took trips here when the kids were younger and came back to specifically recreate this shot.”

(submitted by Steve)

Happiest Hiding Place On Earth

“I asked my girlfriend how her cousin was liking Disney. She sent back this.”

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Just Being Honest

“My nephew started 1st grade yesterday.”

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What The What

“My friend’s kid met his grandfather’s twin for the first time today.”

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Sweet & Low

“I was shooting engagement photos for my sister and her fiance and told them to do something sweet. This was their first thought.”

(submitted by Victoria)

Let Them Eat Cake

“My sister’s homemade Marie Antoinette costume in 5th grade.”

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“We ordered a confirmation cake for our daughter. Selected image #315 from a book of decorations to be applied to the cake. This was the unfortunate outcome.”

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Wedding Crasher

“Brian and Rebecca are Canola farmers hailing from a small country town named Breeza. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Pavilion Wedding and Function Centre in...

Same Here

“I received a birthday card… thanks a lot, Grampa.”

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