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Proof that Santa is very real.

(submitted by Sammantha)

Wearing Your Marsupial On Your Sleeve

This young couple met while walking their sugar gliders.

(submitted by Doree)

The Co-Pilots

Mom always finds something to do even when there’s nothing to do.

(submitted by Shannon)

Six Pack

Put your ferrets where we can see them.

(submitted by Kevin)

Racs And Dogs

This raccoon is just as confused as you are.

(submitted by Kacie)


It’s not just a fruit. It’s a lifestyle.

(submitted by Logan)


“Funny how?”

(submitted by Dominic)


“This is a photo my my two oldest sisters at a theme park in California posing for a pic with a actor who had just performed in a stage show. Apparently, he likes how my sister’s sweater fits.”

(submitted by Deborah)


They could never understand why the boys weren’t interested.

(submitted by Tyler)


The original rat-tail.

(submitted by Alex)