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“This is a photo of my family on a cruise a number of years ago. My mom wanted to make sure she could spot all of us when we got off the cruise ship, so she made us all wear tie dyed shirts. I was almost 13 at the time, so it was even more embarrassing to me!”

(submitted by Anneka)

The Soloist

He did it for the nookie.

(submitted by Mike)

I See You

Don’t tease us.

(submitted by AP)

Picture Perfect

This textbook armshelf would get a 10, even from the Russian judge.

Cabbage Pat

“This photo was taken in August 1984. I was 10 and my sister was 13 (although she looks 40). The Cabbage Patch Kid was Emalia Arlene, and I swear she never left my freaking side. With my boy haircut, huge glasses, and braces, I look like such a mess.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Mystic River

Seemed like a perfectly good place to set up camp before he arrived.

(submitted by Marc)

Dan Johnson

Some people just have to be the off-center of attention.

(submitted by Dan)


This proud grandfather is just a little confused about his role in the family.

(submitted by Alia)

They Gotta Wear Shades

(submitted by Sue)

The Swinger

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

(submitted by Neal)