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The Accidental Tourists

A pick-pockets dream.

(submitted by Nickole)

Bad Santa

Eh, to hell with it.

(submitted by Trish)

Early Birds

Retirement has never looked so delicious.

(submitted by Bob)

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

This is my brother and I. I was around nine and he is about 6. Pink shirts and suspenders really? I look like a cross between Ralphie from Christmas Story and a young Larry King.”


Balancing Act

Allow us to to introduce you to Superstar.

(submitted by Jeremy)

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

“This is a photo of me and my family. For the record, my dad is not Ron Jeremy.”

(submitted by Daniel)


Follow the yellow pitcher.

(submitted by Justin)

Green With Envy


Please see Grey’s Anatomy.

(submitted by Hank)

Feel The Magic

Finally, something the whole family can agree on.

(submitted by Nancy B)

Meet the Starks

They felt the backdrop was too busy.

(submitted by Adam Stark)