Punks in Space

July 27th, 2009

Punks in Space - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Generational differences can be put aside in a galaxy far far away.

(submitted by JennyAnn)

258 Responses to “Punks in Space”

  1. TdF says:

    The girl in the back …
    isn’t that a young Jennifer Aniston?

  2. crystal says:

    The girl in the back looks familiar because she looks like Christina Applegate!!

  3. kiki says:

    Words cannot describe how much I love this picture!

    Also, the girl in the back looks extremely familiar.

  4. Nice Site says:

    The mother was thinking:

    And I ran.
    I ran so far away.
    I just ran.
    I ran all night and day.
    I couldn’t get away.

  5. Darrin says:

    Before becoming an international rockstar, pink briefly dabbled in things astronomical with her younger sister, charcoal.

  6. What in the World? says:

    I’m speechless.

  7. yzh says:

    Any way to get a “Where Are They Now” on this trio?

  8. Keon says:

    “My punk kids could kick your emo kids’ a**,” said mama proudly!

  9. Darren Shanks says:

    And I ran…I ran so far away……..

  10. MeepMeep says:

    Suzy Sioux!!!! (without her Banshees)

  11. TerryLee says:

    flock of seagulls.. niiiice

  12. CS Harmonika says:

    I dont know if it was the “Punks in Space” title or the girl in the back’s hair, but now i have the song “Bowies in Space” by Flight of the Concords

  13. j says:

    This is one of the best shots i’ve seen on AFP. If there’s a yearly award or something this should definitely be nominated.

  14. Juls says:

    Awesome. I had a ‘hawk in the ’80s and my mom kicked me out and hasn’t talked to me since then. This mom is great! I love this pic!

  15. John D says:

    “And I ra-a-an, I ran so far a-wa-a-ay . . . .”

  16. gregorian says:

    I can imagine the poor photographer.
    “Hmmm what backdrop should I use? The Victorian Era Ballroom? The Nautical Theme? Ahh, I’ve got it!”

    It was the only choice possible, IMHO.

  17. holl says:

    geeee, um….love the happy smiles on picture day? ha ha

  18. jesi says:

    im sending this pic to my mom, who tolerates all my weird hairdos, piercings and tattoos. yes i stand out like a bit of a ‘black sheep’ in family photos, but i always smile 🙂

  19. bikermomrt says:

    The girl in the back grew up to marry, have 8 kids and rock the reverse mullet.

  20. Maya B says:

    Um…uh…that’s a very open-minded mother. That’s all I’m going to say.

  21. Ken says:

    How can you tell the one punk is female? She seems a bit ambiguous.

  22. LeCrosse says:

    I dig it!

  23. janny226 says:

    What a mom. She loves them for who they are.

  24. Nancy says:

    I LOVE this photo. My mom wouldn’t have been caught dead in a photo of me like that. She didn’t handle it well when I dyed my hair purple. Taht mom deserves the girls love and credit.

  25. Laggard says:

    Punk f******* rock, man.

  26. Cheri says:

    I bet mom is so proud of her sweet girls.

  27. muse7 says:

    No one is saying the hair (or lack of) is making these kids “bad.” It’s how awkward their facial expressions, all three, are. What are each of them thinking as the shutter clicks? That’s what I want to know. Where are they now? When they look back on this photo what does it say to them?

    (and a Catholic, devout or not, would never wear rosary beads)

  28. Tim says:

    Actually, mom’s got the upper hand on this one;. she knows she’ll have this picture to show their future husbands in about 15 years!

  29. Selena says:

    Simply awesome!

  30. chrissy says:

    comedy, pure comedy.

  31. Evan says:


  32. SusieQ says:

    Love this!

  33. Liz says:

    In Space, no one can hear you be awkward.

  34. Nigel says:

    So these punks are totally outraging Mom and defying authority, but they meekly follow the JC Penney photographer’s directions to put their hands here and here and here, and hold Mom’s hand. Real comfy cozy anarchists. After, can we all get ice cream?!?

    • Penny says:

      Love it! You are so right!

    • butcherbaby says:

      or maybe they just loved their mom and wanted to make her happy. there are a lot of us from those days still rocking the look because we LIKE it, not to advertise ourselves as social nihilists with some sort of agenda. and FYI, not all punks are anarchists, and not all anarchists are punk.
      as for ice cream, my mom and i loved to share the giant banana split bowl at Denny’s after we’d spent the day shopping our favorite thrift stores. she still gave me guff about the way i looked, but by the time i turned 38 or so i think she realized it was a lost cause.

  35. Tocsnai says:

    I love, love, love that this mother has posed with her kids in a way she thought fit them. Such awkwardness as is shown here is born of love.

    Honor this woman.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. This is an example of COMPROMISE.

    • meri says:

      You know, this is a truly awkward photo, but there is love in it. More power to the MOM!

    • Becky says:

      Me, too. Clearly, the fact that kids are in the photo and posing comfortably shows that the mother accepts them the way they are. My parents (who weren’t all that bad, really, just way too conservative) would never have let me dress this way in a family portrait. Sheesh, in one portrait taken when I was 13, I was wearing dark nail polish and my father blew a gasket. We need more parents like this.

      This photo is the best kind of “awkward”.

      • Andrea says:

        I very much agree with that. Those kids are probably more “well adjusted” than some that grew up in ultra conservative houses, forced to repress thier creativity. Life is too short.

    • Slick says:


    • steff says:

      I bet this mom thought back to her flower-power days and said, I will have a photo that will embarass you for the ages. Let’s pose. Now mom looks a little dated, but the girls know such a pic belongs on a website like this.

  36. Noodle says:

    Mom is SUCH a rebel !!!

  37. Victor says:

    Those gals are OP – Original Punks. I miss 1985.

  38. talula says:

    Hair grows back, and honestly, if the kids actually agreed to be in a family photo, more power to them. 🙂 Hopefully, they will all look back on this and be able to laugh, together. And know that we all laughed with them…

  39. Clucky says:

    Mothers are awesome!

  40. Penny says:

    This is quickly becomming one of my favourite AFP photos -it ranks up there with the walrus one and the ‘head of the family’ one that I can’t help but keep going back to!

    Keep em coming!

  41. Tim says:

    After this picture was shot the girls got up..and they raaaaaann….they ran so far awaaaaaaaaay!”

  42. Bri says:

    The girl up top is pretty cute, though.

  43. Meghan says:

    I wonder if Mom put this one up on the mantle…

  44. Compound bow says:

    You can tell the girl with the black hair is a devout Catholic (see rosary beads around neck). She could be a nun from the future.

  45. John Kimbrough says:

    Where’s daddy punk?

  46. Cincoflex says:

    Teenage Aliens abduct mom; force her to take ‘family’ photo.

  47. Halo says:

    That’s a fabulous shot! Love it!
    My husband had a ‘hawk with side-locks very recently. It never was “popular”, it’s simply a counter-culture thing (that originated in the late 70’s). That being said, be nice- just because it’s different than what you do doesn’t make it bad.

  48. Lindsay says:

    In space…..no one can hear you Pogo!

  49. Fred says:

    Sans makeup, the kids actually look like siblings I went to high school with. Their senior years they went more mainstream and were actually pretty nice.

  50. moxii says:

    I love how the mother is holding hands with one of her daughters.

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