Eye Contact

October 14th, 2009

Eye Contact - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Has anyone seen Aunt Telcia?

(submitted by Nicole)

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  1. Kristi says:

    When I first looked, I thought what a cute little family, but then I jumped when I saw those eyes! LOL

  2. Evie says:

    OMG! I was looking, and when I finally found it it scared me! too much! lol

  3. oby anugwom says:

    Is this real?. i don’t believe this!!!!!

  4. Doug says:

    This is the funniest thing ever…. EVER… the Internet can turn off now… there is no point after this… everything in every category from now on is fighting for second place… THIS… NEVER… GETS… OLD!!!!

  5. Alan says:

    The quote from the photographer clearly stated it was for SIX people only…..but they still tried.

  6. melissa says:

    so i didnt get it..
    then i looked around some more and my face slowly went like this

  7. Michelle says:

    That. Is. So. Sad that it took me forever to notice that one. When I finally saw it, I freaked out a little. Someone is sofa-stalking you!

  8. mary says:

    uhmmmmmm lol! did they reallllly need the extra cushioning??? 😛 too funny/weird!!

  9. kaitlyn says:


  10. ALK says:


    Here is proof.
    They were obviously joking around.

    Stop saying it was shopped and/or stop trolling

  11. Kory says:

    They all look like they DON’T know they’re sitting on someone, weird huh!?

  12. Kirstine says:

    Oh god.. I’ve just picked myself up off the floor – had to change my knickers and don’t need to take the Prozac today – all thanks to this pic.. what a GREAT family and a fantastic sense of humour.. didn’t see it at first but so glad that I caught a glimpse of those baby blues..

  13. Krista says:


  14. Marchi says:

    OMG! This freaked me out.. The woman is sitting on her head.. Bet that’s neck-breaking.. :))

  15. Chioma says:

    I don’t even understand how that picture happened?

  16. Abby says:

    WHOA! That SCARED me!!! Goodness, did they know they were sitting on a person??

  17. TMB says:

    This is my favorite picture. If this was my family photo……I would be Aunt Telcia.

  18. Captain says:

    Holy F that just freaked me out. WOW

  19. Kim S. says:

    OK, will all the people that raised their hands for photoshopped please put your nose on the blackboard for an hour. Thanks Alice

  20. Roger says:

    I love blue eyes!!!

  21. Sir says:

    oh my word, i wasn’t expecting that. i’m in stitches!

  22. zach says:

    fake but funny!

    • Michelle says:

      No. Someone is laying down in the couch with a blanket on them, the rest are sitting on them. Once you look closer you can see how it was done. Very creative, yet it completely weirded me out.

  23. sarah z says:

    i haven’t laughed so hard in SUCH a long time. oh man, i’m still crying hahahaha.
    funniest thing i’ve seen in awhile.

  24. dkk says:

    this is my first comment – because this one brought me to tears (of laughter).
    oh. god bless this family and their sense of humor.

  25. nimmy says:

    to all de ppl who r statg whthr it’s photoshopped or not ! y do u even bother? isn’t dis pic supposed to give u some moments of laughter n fun? n i guess it does dat, whoeva askd ne1 2 investigate whther the pic is genuine? so jus drop meddling wid de ps jargon n njoi de pic.

    n i luuuuuv de pic n tnx 2 nicole 4 posting it 🙂 it’s a gr8 pic!! kudos

  26. Rachael says:

    Wow. What did that individual do to deserve THAT?! I wonder what kind of bet was lost there?

  27. Monica says:

    This is great! I think I know what our family pictures will be next year!

  28. helenhill says:


  29. qwerty says:

    I looked at this and was like… uh.. ok… boring…
    Then i read the comments… under the mom lol

  30. Leo says:

    When you sea it, you will s*** brix!

  31. Arkansas says:

    Outrageous! Yes, it is like a nanny-eating family!

  32. Jeremiah says:

    Don’t tell the photographer the babysitter’s dead

  33. ebeth says:

    This is got to be photoshopped. And when I finally saw it, I almost had a heart-attack.

  34. siva says:

    photoshopped !

    • katie says:

      Its clearly not photoshopped, as you can see her whole body, feet and all under the daddys leg. lol. I think they just made a family pic out of a pile up.

      • Mastershake says:

        because it’d be so difficult to photoshop a body?!

      • Heywood says:

        It is definitely Photoshopped. Look at where the face meets the sofa. That’s too hard of an edge and not any shadowing going on, like the green pillow next to it.

        Same thing with where the woman’s pants meet the face. There’s a hard edge there and is not natural.

        Very good attempt and funny as heck, but it is Photoshopped.

        • Laucy says:

          I agree that the photo was manipulated. The mom’s left leg doesn’t seem to have a calf. A bit of a mistake there.

      • Nrob says:

        I agree, I can’t see it being photoshopped. The whole family would somehow be levitating above the cushions. Rather, their bodies seem to very naturally conform around the aunt laying underneeth.

        • ERinS says:

          It really does looked photoshopped. It almost looks like they used moms face from either the same image or one similar to place there. The aunts legs are really one of those long body pillows you can by.

          • ERinS says:

            never mind, I was wrong lol. Should have scrolled down a little further. They really are sitting on an alive person! Crazy. Flicker proved it

  35. BethanyLeshea says:

    At first I thought this was just a simple family photo with an underlying joke.
    Then I saw the eyes and nearly crapped my pants XD.

  36. Dianne says:


  37. Janet says:

    Wow! This is scary stuff!!! Do you think she made it out from under?

  38. DonnaLee says:

    Air…I just want some fresh air!

  39. anonymous says:

    I’m sure this picture wasn’t taken on “Chili and Baked Bean Night”

  40. Dotte says:

    I thought, “this is a NICE family picture. I don’t get it” then I saw “the face”. I’m snorting it’s so funny. And scary!

  41. idun H Aveaname says:

    ok that just gave me the creeps.

    but I loved it

  42. I was, like, what’s so awkward? And then, whoah! That’s hilarious!

  43. Shelby says:

    OMG!!! When I saw the eyes I was so creeped out!!….i can see some definate nightmares in my future……

  44. Robin says:

    I actually jumped when I saw the eyes down there!

  45. Peggy says:

    Crap. I’m gonna have nightmares after seeing this. It’s like something out of an X-Files episode!

  46. Ray says:

    haha took me forever to figure it out, until i saw the eyes peeking out under the mother haha this is great

    • Mary says:

      Me too! I was thinking, what? It’s just a regular photo but then caption kept me loooking and I just burst out with a big cackle.

      • Jen says:

        My reaction exactly. So good.

        • Laura says:

          LOL i done the exact same thing!!!!! I was reading the comments like, “What the heck is the big deal??!!” This is quite hilarious!

          • Grant says:

            Looks like one of those crime scene shows where they find the dead bodie under the couch cushiouns. At least they have a follow up to how these things happen, suffication from the family. Lol.

        • annabelle says:

          Possibly the best ‘Where’s Waldo’ I’ve ever seen!
          Like others I’m sure, I didn’t spot the creepy couch-embedded aunt until I was commenting on what a s*** picture I thought this was! Fantastic.

    • Steve says:

      I think this kid is being punished fffor not taking out the garbage

  47. Nancy says:

    Oh my, that’s just wrong! LOL Love it.

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