White Lines

November 14th, 2009

White Lines - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“A picture taken of my father and sister. This is around 1983-1984. It was a professional photo, not candid, so he had to plan this outfit out.”

(submitted by Kim)

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  1. HeatherW says:

    Guys, it’s an “awkward” photo. If you don’t cringe when you look at it, it shouldn’t be up here. Good job, Fever!

  2. El Kev says:

    I just realized, the most awkward thing about this picture is not the girl smiling, nor the questions surrounding the man and his shirt. No, the most awkward thing about this picture is the logo in the lower left of the shot. Oh, and Kim, this one definitely deserves some kind of explanation.

  3. melba says:

    Hey, where are all the THIS-IS-PHOTOSHOPPED people when we need them? I’m wanting to believe something or someone was photo-shopped out of the left side of the picture. I want to know who or what that is.

  4. I can see why this made it to the web site. I mean, that picture is completely off center! They cut off half his arm, and then there’s room for another person on the other side!

  5. joemama says:

    Leave my brother alone, he loves his kid!

  6. Cynthia says:

    she forgot to wear heroin shirt that day or it would have made sense.

  7. Sarah says:

    From my experience, if you wear clothing advertising drug use (or sex), you’re probably not actually doing it. Just trying really hard to be cool.

  8. Angie says:

    that little girl looks like she might be having some effects of second-hand “fever”

  9. Dane says:

    Digging through some old boxes of family photos, Rebecca discovered why her family nicknamed her Snow White.

  10. Joanne says:

    All I can think of is the 1983 song “White Lines (Don’t do it)”

  11. Maggie says:

    Words fail. Plus? That dad is 12.

  12. hl says:

    god, the site is great, but comments by people usually suck

  13. brad says:

    What does SNS mean?

  14. Noblechicken says:

    He looks like a strung out Shaggy that could go off at any minute!

  15. Cindi says:

    I honestly can’t think of a reply to this one! Good luck to the Goodwill hunter, though!

  16. Miffy says:

    The little girl is super-adorable! I agree with the person who said it would be a sweet pic if not for the shirt. Let’s hope this guy just has a really bad sense of humor. I would think that actual users wouldn’t advertise…

  17. Julie K says:

    Cocaine is God’s way of saying you’re making too much money. Maybe the guy was bragging.

    Funny how a simple word “Crack” has stopped being a fissure in the wall, and become an awful thing…. either Crack the drug or plumber’s crack… Neither is pretty on a person.

  18. Lucy Loo says:

    If you have a photo made with your child while you’re wearing a shirt giving props to your drug of choice, you might be a redneck.

  19. Erika says:

    Might be the older bro! But, seriously? Don’t advertise.

  20. andrew says:

    wait…who’s using here?

  21. Hereintx says:


  22. Deb says:

    wow, yep, that’s awkward!

  23. steff says:

    Knowing someone is going to take a picture of you, for a formal portrait, with your child; check the mirror before leaving. I hope he regrets his wardrobe choice now, it doesn’t look like he was remotely embarrassed then.

    • kandee says:

      Uh, maybe that’s the problem here – he DID check the mirror before leaving. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

      Like everyone else, I’m in shock that someone actually CHOSE this shirt on purpose to wear with their daughter. Maybe it’s his little sister – which at least would make it easier to digest than him being her father. I think this pic is extremely awkward and while I think his choice of attire is way inappropriate, I’m not willing to go as far as to suggest that this made him a bad father.

      • Kelly says:

        has anyone considered that maybe all the formal shots of the little girl were taken and then the photographer suggested that dad get into one? and that shirt is what dad was wearing.

  24. Jon says:

    Are you kidding me? That’s awesome. I’m searching every goodwill in america for that shirt

  25. Voodoo Chile says:

    Before I came to this site, I thought, apparently stupidly, that folks picked out their best clothes for family photos. I am now officially sadder and wiser.

  26. Melissa says:

    Well besides the obvious, on a lighter, more happier note, the little girl in the picture is absolutely adorable!!!

  27. Cierra says:

    These pictures always crack (maybe wrong word to use) me up, but this one actually makes me sad. So called ‘Dad’ actually thought out of all his shirts, that was the best? Well, drugs aren’t a great choice either, it all makes sense. He thinks he’s cool. Hopefully custody was taken away and she’s doing okay today. I know, I know, I’m getting a little too emotional over the pic!! *lol

  28. binkymae says:

    The worst down side of dating the “bad boys” is Mommy’s weekend alone!

  29. El Kev says:

    Wow. Just, wow.

  30. ox says:

    What??? just what???? I mean come on now…What???

  31. Prof D says:

    ITA. This is very, very depressing. Poor little girl. Nice priorities, Dad. This isn’t awkward, it is just really sad.

  32. CaramelCod says:

    She sure is a cute little girl. It would be a sweet picture if it weren’t for the idiotic t-shirt.

  33. Danielle says:

    I can’t even believe a t-shirt like that even existed.

  34. Jon says:

    Why do you think they both look so giddy?

  35. tony14 says:

    Oh no! Do you think it is really dad? I was hoping for big brother.

  36. Ken says:

    All I think of when I look at this picture is the Eric Clapton song “Cocaine”. This guy is either very proud of his cocaine use (and I guess his daughter too) or he has a very warped sense of humor. It’s hard to tell.

  37. carol says:

    Poor kid.

  38. Sarah says:

    Can anyone enjoy a photo, the daughter probably posted it … meaning its supposed to be funny. This is awkward family photos not Bill O’Reilly

    I see a guy who trying to be a good dad who just has bad taste in clothing, I’m sure she and her mom use this pic to embarrass him constantly.

  39. Tyler says:

    the funny thing is that is his shirt from when he played little league baseball. Cocaine Fever was the night club that sponsored the team.

  40. Trish says:

    The background looks like it’s at a professional photographer – so he wore that shirt ON PURPOSE?!?

  41. me says:

    What’s really sad is this is the shirt he picked out to wear for a family picture with his young daughter! This was probably his favorite shirt.

  42. Not that Carrie, the other Carrie says:

    Wow…. just wow. How inappropriate is that?

    OMG I just realized… this could actually be a prison picture, they do that you know!

  43. Adrienne says:

    I just laughed Diet Dr Pepper (too old for the coke) out my nose!

  44. Gina says:

    Oh, wow. Just…wow.

  45. hcw80 says:

    You know this is a studio photo shoot by the background. He said to himself, “Yes, of course this t-shirt is just the thing to wear to pose with my little angel. Perhaps we can use this as our Christmas Card photo.”

    The little girl looks just so happy. I hope she had a strong maternal influence.

  46. Petey Rave says:

    What’s funny is that this could have easily been taken two weeks ago somewhere in Brooklyn.

  47. LilyBear says:

    Wow. I wonder if he packed “Special Recipe” brownies for her lunch box.

  48. Lynda Kaye says:

    That is just plain s-a-d. Wonder what “dad” will think when his daughter follows in his footsteps??

  49. tmidone says:

    nothing says father/daughter bonding like a little White Line Fever

    • L says:

      I’d heard of Cat Scratch Fever, but White Line….I am speechless. What the hey would cause you to want to capture that for POSTERITY?

  50. jwolfee says:

    and prison tatts as well…..wonder where that kid is today?

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