He’s A Maniac

April 12th, 2010

He’s A Maniac - Family Portrait

He will cut you like a knife.

(submitted by Clara)

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  1. Manda says:

    You can’t tell in the photo, but he’s wearing a pair of those shiny tights under the sweatpants.

  2. Strackdaddy says:

    Marcia made her husband, the CPA show up for the photo. He was OK with the sweatpants and tshirt… she wasn’t & made hime put on the matching headband. He loves sweating, she loves the band.

  3. Joanne says:

    Denny Terio wannabe?

  4. Trish says:

    Are the “not awkward” police off duty?

  5. John Gordon says:

    Girls, Stork Pose, GO!

  6. Snowrider says:

    An unbelievable contrast to the The Van Helsings.

  7. broncofan5 says:

    It looks like that is the girl’s hand, not the guy’s. See the pink nail polish (I know with all that’s going on in this pic, nail polish might mean nothing).

  8. I’m betting he’s “Mr. Marcia” and that’s the family. Also, that’s NOT his hand on the far left hip; it’s her’s.

  9. taino sam says:

    it’s Dance Fever 2010!

  10. jnmcnally says:

    I’m surprised how few have commented on the man and his Marciawear. The detective in me says this is a family photo, the man is likely her husband and part of Marcia’s little group (remember when Jane Fonda always had a man in her exercise videos?), and of course the two girls are daughters. Yes, the whole era was awkward, but men who voluntarily enlisted for this did not popularize jazzercize – they awkwardized it even more.

  11. Jack says:

    These outfits are serious static electricity generators…what else explains the hair? Dad’s role is to receive discharges of the excess s-e.

  12. Julie says:

    Thank goodness those days are over! I bet they thought they were “it” with those outfits!

  13. carol says:

    My eyeballs hurt. Hope they don’t have to see too many more of these. Ouch!

  14. PugMom says:

    ARGHHHHHH those shiny nude hose!!!! Some of the women that I worked with in the early 90’s would wear those Gawd awful shiny nude hose with shorts and walking shoes and thought they were the coolest thing around.

    We would go walking on our lunch hour and I would hide in the Ladies room until those ditz had left so I wouldnt be seen with them.

    I simply dont *get* the female on the left. What the heck is she wearing? Is that a belly ruffle? With a Members Only jacket?

    The mind boggles. I wonder though did she buy the sparkly leg warmers first and then the headbands or vice versa

  15. m says:

    I can’t figure out if the “M” is a heart or an apple bottom.

  16. Leonie says:

    The family that dancersizes toghether stays together…

  17. CB says:

    WWWWWWWOOWWW! And….I don’t get why this wasn’t submitted for awkward 80’s pics, cuz it would have probably been a contender….

  18. Chezz says:

    You know this was the wife’s idea!

  19. Uncuw Biww says:

    polyester…the fabric of our lives.

  20. Robin says:

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

  21. also, notice the dude’s hand on Maricia is on her back… but on the lady on the right it is seriously close to her butt? what’s that all about, you would think that marcia would be his lady?

  22. all that’s missing in this picture is a cropped mesh top for the guy

  23. LuLu says:

    Wow…just Wow.

  24. Ray says:

    At least he’s wearing blue. So, you know, he will still look manly!

  25. kerry says:

    marcia,marcia, marcia!!!!

  26. cinnamon9 says:

    The most disturbing thing about this photo is that no one in the the picture looks like they were uncomfortable with the scenario. They actually look pretty happy in this picture. Meanwhile, I will have nightmares tonight.

  27. Bryan says:

    somebody call 911…I just carved my eyes out of my head and can’t see to dial the phone.

  28. Gabby says:

    What this picture needs is some . . . JAZZ HANDS!!
    I used to have scary shiny tights like Marcia and her gang (excluding her “maniac” of course) when I was in my ’80’s dance class phase – but no schmancy glitter headband w/the matching legwarmers!! I’ll admit to being a little jealous of those! : ) So sad the 80’s had to end!

  29. Liz1388 says:

    Walmart is YOUR shop for costumes this year.

  30. becka says:

    and it feels so right…

  31. Alan says:

    ”Thanks to you all for auditioning for The Village People,however,…..you’re cut,sorry”

  32. ida_slaptem says:

    “Richard Simmons is our God!”

  33. Tim S says:

    Irene Cara, Denney Terrio, Olivia Newton-John and Stevie Nicks

  34. bmj2k says:

    It looks like a local community center decided to put on Flashdance.

  35. Roger Fulton says:

    For me, the headband on Sweatsuit Guy makes the whole picture…

    • Cheryl says:

      Oh contrair! This is a well-rounded, full-bodied, mega cup of awkwardness! From the big 80’s hair, to the sparkly legwarmers, to the belly shirts, to the cowgirl hat, to the dust ruffle/skirt thingy…..there’s just so much awkwardness there! It’s like a vegas-style awkward buffet!

      (But the matching headbands – that also match Marcia’s belt and legwarmers – are a nice touch! 🙂

      • JJ says:

        I’m thinking Marcia just had a bunch of shiney headbans and converted one into a belt for her and wrapped a few around her ankles. I mean come one, those legwarmers have to be so scratchy and basically worthless.

        Now…if she was wearing them clear up to her thighs like we did in college, then we’d know for sure if they were headbands or real legwarmers. Seriously, on cold days, a lot of us would wear long wool legwarmers over our jeans as we plodded to and from classes at college. Those were the days.

  36. Renae says:

    Sad, but this reminds me of my childhood in so many ways.

  37. HeatherW says:

    Dreadfully awkward, in more ways than one.

  38. Jessica says:

    I don’t know what scares me more: the glitter leg warmers or the depths of discomfort and awkwardness that man is willing to sink to. Scratch that: they scare me equally. I certainly don’t miss the 80’s!!!

  39. mis says:

    Wow, there’s just so much wrong with this picture, I’m not sure where to begin….

  40. Lilly says:

    sparkly gold leg warmers … yikes

  41. EvilDolly says:

    Come on everybody! Jazz hands! Let me see those jazz hands!

  42. Jane B says:

    I love the Debbie Gibson look-a-like on the right. At least we can be thankful that he doesn’t have his shirt tucked into his high wasted sweat pants. 😉

  43. vixen says:

    OMG – Marcia looks like a Jazzercize teacher I had back in 1985. The 80s were such an equalizer for young and old – everybody looked equally bad.

  44. Chad says:

    That inscription at the bottom can’t be Eldridge ’90 – as in the year 1990?!!!
    Also, the “M” on the Marcia logo looks rather suggestive.

    • R says:

      Though it somehow sounds like a recent date, this + pictures of my own that I’ve gone through seem to remind me that 1990 was indeed very much the 80’s!

    • jen says:

      1990 seems entirely possible. I was in 2nd year university then, and half the girls wore their hair like Silver-bra on the left there, only with the bangs teased higher. It takes a while for one decade’s fashion horrors to get replaced by the next’s.

    • hs says:

      i noticed the “90” also, & believe this must be Canadian. they still dress like this there.

  45. Marc says:

    Its like Debbie Gibson banged Richard Simmons…

  46. Pro Lazy says:

    Costumes are scary, Marcia looks close to 50, but has AWESOME legs….

  47. Michelle says:

    Words fail me. Mom, what were you THINKING? Maybe she was hanging in her zero gravity boots for too long.

  48. Barb says:

    Oh! I’m just speachless

  49. Cherie says:

    Oh wow…are those STIRRUP LEG WARMERS?!?! You also can’t go wrong with shiny nude hose…

    • campcook says:

      I don’t get the “Stirrup Leg Warmers”. Is there some chance that they’ll fall UP?

      • JAmaral says:

        Actually, they could creep up if you did a lot of the “stork pose” as shown. In order to fit them around your foot, the ankle was kinda loose, and the stirrups kept them nice and taut. But overall, it was a HIDEOUS fashion era!

  50. colorado says:

    headbands, legwarmers, sequins oh my!

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