Mountain High

July 19th, 2010

Mountain High - Behind The Awkwardness

“I don’t know whether it was due to the above ground nuclear tests of that era, or what, but a lot of family photos from the 60’s looked like stills from bad late night sci-fi movies.I am only four years old here, and already irreconcilably weird.”

(submitted by Leigh)

89 Responses to “Mountain High”

  1. bets says:

    Absolute best. pic. ever.


  2. Nervebag says:

    Dangit! I was going to insist that this be my next album cover, but too many people have beat me to the album cover idea. Odd that it would automatically lead that many people directly to that particular use. What makes a photo “album cover-ish”?

    Great photo. The first one I’ve seen on this site that made me say “Wow!” instead of “Owww!”


  3. Missy says:

    Also – to add:

    “I am only four years old here, and already irreconcilably weird.”

    You look like the coolest four year old kid I have ever seen in my life. Your dad was cool to allow you to be cool. Pretty much the rest of us got plaid, plaid, and more plaid, covered with paisley. And then some lace and elastic and possibly on our coolest days of childhood – patten leather shoes.

  4. Missy says:

    This should be an album cover for Smashing Pumpkins or something. This is very cool.

  5. Sarah says:

    Devo lives on!!!!!!!! Riotous!!!!!

  6. DS211 says:

    This would make a great album cover…

  7. Ginger says:

    This picture is AWESOME!!!

  8. Tony says:

    that kid looks like a skin head.

  9. amy b says:

    This is completely awesome. I would display this picture in my house. Granted the outfit would look odd in person, but in this image it just works.
    I would love to know if the photographer did any of this on purpose or if this was accidental art.

    • philster says:

      I’d totally have this up on my wall too. It’s a great example of the mod subculture. If the submitter ever publishes a book or puts out a cd, this should be the cover art.

  10. cranky says:

    Still shots from Tarantino’s early foray into children’s movies…

  11. John III says:

    This only slighty awkward. It’s more badass than anything. Love it!

  12. ephercat says:

    It’s a great photo! Love the stern eyebrows peeking out over the glasses.

  13. Kazz says:

    “Introducing…the latest album from The White Stripes……Irreconcilably Weird! In stores now!”

    No, seriously, I LOVE this photo. Awesome. I would expect to see this on an album cover or a photography exhibition.

  14. jnmcnally says:

    While there is a slight degree of awkwardness, I join those who characterize it as awesome. It is artistic to me.

  15. Tiffani says:

    LOL I actually really love this picture… the light in the photo is amazing. I would love to have a picture of me this cool as a kid. I’d probably keep a pocket sized one in my wallet ๐Ÿ™‚ It would have only been weird if Dear Ole’ Pops had a gloc in his hand.

    Handy with the steel, yo.

  16. Flora West says:

    I would really like a print of this photo-no kidding. I’m really loving it. Let me know if that’s possible. This isn’t awkward so much as art.

  17. Kim says:

    A Chanel jacket and dungarees? I LOVE it! [Tim Gunn voice]

  18. BigRedTX says:

    You look like a little Tyler Durden.

  19. K says:

    awkward?? this is awesome! people these days need to take some pointers.

  20. Rose says:

    I agree…the awesomeness of this photo can not be measured!!

  21. Kay says:

    This picture is pure magic, I love it! Definitely should be an album cover.

  22. James says:

    from Mad Max the prequel

  23. James says:

    from Mad Maz the prequel

  24. efsuffolks says:

    Is that Rattlesnake Mt. in WA ST?

  25. Don says:

    Dad- “Leigh, are you ready to climb to the top of this mountain?”
    Leigh- “Sherpa!”

  26. Ennie says:

    Irreconcilably wierd? Heeheehee!!!

  27. RHB says:

    The only “awkward” thing about this photo is that it features a four-year-old looking totally bad-ass. My inner four-year-old is green with envy!

  28. Chris says:

    This reminds me of my four year old.

  29. william says:

    Irreconcilably weird really isn’t such a bad thing! In the case of this pic, it’s got mad style!

    I wish I had a pic like this of myself when I was wee, but alas, my parents were short on style. I had to go and find it on my own.

  30. Be3t says:

    I love this picture. I hope it’s proudly displayed in Leigh’s home. One small question though – are the earpieces of the spiffy sunglasses actually going into Leigh’s ears?

  31. Bleeb says:

    I love it! Reminds me of those long vacation trips with mom and dad. When you finally get out of the car (which may have been full of cigarette smoke) and stretch your legs, you look stunned only because you aren’t awake yet.

  32. Whoa says:

    Are we not men?

    We are Devo!

    • jacque says:

      ok, Devo was the first thought that popped into my head when I saw this kick ass pic. Not sure why? Is it similar to a Devo album cover? Please enlighten me.

      Ps: Can I get this in an 8×10 matted and framed? Please submit more

  33. bobbie says:

    OH Yes – The hand me down era!

    Pants –
    handed down from older brother but though too long mom knows he will grow like a weed and they will fit in a year or two so why hem them. They are rolled up so that he doesn’t trip over them. Next year there will only be two rolls, but now there are 4!
    Sunglasses –
    handed down by oldest brothers girlfriend who accidentally lost them in the scuffle of backseat necking. This little one found them in the car and declared “finders keepers”
    Sweater –
    Mom gave her little man this charming sweater to keep him warm. He loves the way it smells like her perfume, it is as he is getting a constant hug from her so he feels all warm and cozy and doesn’t want to give it back.
    Picture –
    Special moment when he had mom and dad to himself PRICELESS!

    • scruffy says:

      Bobbie I agree with everything but the sweater. He got that from his big sister. He hates it. He hates his sister and he hates his mom because sheโ€™s cold, so HE has to wear THE SWEATER. Thatโ€™s why he has the โ€™tude.

      Sister, blister I hate sister.

      Yeah no wonder he’s “irreconcilably weird.” Poor kid.

  34. carol says:

    That kid rocks! Loving the rolled up pants–well, the whole photo, actually!

  35. Cee says:

    This is such a cool photo! Not awkward at all – just totally cool! Leigh, I think your parents were a little beyond their era for cool childhood photos! I wish my parents took cool photos of me and my brothers like this, instead of us standing stiffly in front of the sight du jour.

  36. Tim S says:

    My first thought was: Album cover for L’il Rapper.

  37. Megan says:

    I love this picture.

  38. Shariff says:

    Absolutely awesome…from the weird glasses, to the sweater with extra long arms, to the pants rolled up at random lengths…this is pure weird awesomeness!

  39. Valarie says:

    GREAT photo!!! Nothing awkward there – awesome work!

  40. JerseyPam says:

    The Day the Earth Stood Still…..after it tilted 30 degrees.

  41. betty2dogs says:

    I love everything about this photo!

  42. justine says:

    love the little boy’s furrowed brow … love his little unevenly-rolled pants and weird fluffy coat … LOVE IT!

  43. Cincha says:

    Nothing like a cig, too, when you’re hiking at high altitudes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amazing how many people are smoking in old pics…I hardly see people smoking in photos anymore!

  44. nae says:

    this picture is awesome.

  45. CarrieM says:

    Name: Leigh – seems like a girl’s
    Hair: very little of it, seems like a boy’s
    Coat: fluffy, seems like a girl’s
    Pants and socks: what the hell?

    You couldn’t help it, Leigh. But you look cool. Fly your weirdness flag proudly.

  46. Holly says:

    I like how the dad is propped on an invisible cane.

  47. Amice says:

    The only way to make this more awkward would be if Dad had a pistol, which I thought he did.

  48. Mic C says:

    Great photo. I love “outing” pics. Parents who cart their kids around to this and that and try to keep them awake on the journey, so they don’t miss the bear that never materializes deserve a medal.

  49. Diriklet says:


  50. pandadancing says:

    No way, that’s not weird that is completely awesome! I think this is a very interesting and wonderful photograph. Ok, the outfit is a bit odd, but the story and photo together are neat! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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