Fear Factor

October 18th, 2010

Fear Factor - Birthdays

“Notice my dad in the background laughing hysterically at my poor brother.”

(submitted by Ann Marie)

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  1. Kristine says:

    One of the Chuck E. Cheese characters (it was a dog-type mascot) grabbed and squeezed my butt while giving me a hug at age 15.

  2. T says:

    This was when it was still called Showbiz.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    I feel really bad. I submitted this and they never emailed me that it was posted so I didn’t know, and yesterday my dad found a site where someone had posted funny father’s day photos and he found this. He was SO upset because it makes him look like a bad father. He’s actually an amazing dad (with a dark sense of humor). So then I felt bad :/ Both my father and I have a sick sense of humor and I thought this picture was HILARIOUS. It’s actually my brother being tortured by the mouse. I know it’s bad to laugh but we all think it’s hysterical — including my tortured brother (who somehow turned out to be normal despite this traumatic event 😛 haha)

  4. Bender says:

    Pretty good trade for all you can eat pizza. The dad seems pretty thrilled.

  5. RaRa says:

    We had my son’s third birthday party at CEC. He spent the entire party hiding under the table, once the animated [animal] band cranked up.

  6. fishlady says:

    This is the reason I still don’t like costume characters, although for me it wasn’t my parents so much as my grandparents.

  7. genesis says:

    this was absolutely hilarious to me because every last one of my nieces and nephews was afraid of chuck e cheese, and would: hide under tables, run, scream, kick, or cry hysterically every time he got near. of course, that didnt stop them from begging to go back the next weekend (chuckie’s was our weekly spot.) it is always frigging hilarious to watch how scared kids are of that thing. ok maybe a little mean, but still, hilarious.

  8. Jamil says:

    omg my lil sister bit me after mom forced chuckie on her lmao i know the feeling lmao of this one !!!!!!!!! painful…

  9. Mike says:

    I like how everyone in this photo is tilted at odd angles. Was this taken at the Joker’s hideout or something?

    • Ashton says:

      Haahahaha!!! I thought the same thing about this photo! The angle makes it look like the mad hatter was running around taking photos!

  10. diane says:

    maybe where she lives, they have mice or rats? lol

  11. JerseyPam says:

    According to recent news stories, this is the last place you want to take your kids. Maybe it’s the mascot?

  12. newhere says:

    When my son was 2, Chuck E. tripped over another child and fell on top of my son, momentarily pinning him on the ground – face to snout. It took about seven years before my son stopped hiding under the table whenever we were at CEC and the rat walked by.

    • Debi says:

      REALLY? You kept taking your son back?

      • momof2 says:

        No kidding,Debi!! That was the same thought I had!!
        But that story made me laugh!!

      • newhere says:

        It wasn’t really that big of a deal, unless the rat was right there. He always loved going to CEC, and had three older siblings who liked it there, too. At our CEC, Chuck would only walk around about once an hour, so depending on your timing or where you were in the restaurant (it was a bigger one), you might never even seen him on a given visit. We’d go about once a month, and a “hide under the table” moment would only happen about every third or fourth visit.

    • Legacy says:

      That is hilarious; poor kid! If I was there I would’ve been on the floor laughing, but then again I’m an aunt, not a mom.

  13. steph says:

    Well dad may be laughing, but he does look like he is reaching to get his child….is it mom who stood there taking a picture?

  14. Uncuw Biww says:

    Boy, am I glad Chuck E cheese doesn’t exist in my country!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, yuck it up Dad, you’re gonna be paying the therapy bills.

  16. Chucky Cheese looks more terrified then the kid.

  17. Kitten K. Boodle says:

    You’re right, Kristy, Chucky looks scared. He also looks like a rat–mice are cuter.

    Years ago, I was at a baseball game and witnessed the team mascot, Tuffy the Toro, having a verbal altercation with a drunken fan. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

  18. ScoutC says:

    We had a B-day party for my step daughter at Chuck E. Cheese when she was little. I had never been to one before so I didn’t know what to expect. I think I looked like that kid once I got in there. YIkes!

    • schoolnurse says:

      I attended one (and only one) kids’ party at Chuck E. Cheese and the only thing that got me through it was cheap wine by the glass. I have no idea how the kids can stand it!

  19. Ali says:

    You DIRTY RAT!!! YOUUUUUUUUUU DIRTY RAT!!!….A Chuck E. CHEESE nightmare!hahahah!

  20. Don says:

    Ann Marie, I am so sorry this happened to you. I just don’t think parents think these type of “funny moments” through. This exact type of incident occurred to me. My Dad thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen and he insisted a picture be taken. To this day I still can’t hold a crying toddler without the nightmares rushing back.

  21. Alan says:

    “Twas the night before Christmas,
    And all through the house.
    Something was stirring,

  22. Dr. Blah says:

    That poor kid.

  23. Bunnyluv says:

    OMG, what *is* this? A birthday party, or some bizarre ritual sacrifice? Oh well, at least Dad is getting a kick out of it. 😛

  24. Tim S says:

    “The stuff nightmares are made of…” paraphrasing Sam Spade.

  25. Kristy says:

    The mouse looks like it has the same expression as the kid.

  26. Linda says:

    one of my most awkward and unnerving experiences was when a disney character persistently and silently tried to communicate with me at the anahiem park. i tried walking away, but he(she?) kept following me. major creep factor, but i was an adult. can’t even imagine what little ones think of these costumed characters getting in their faces.

    • Kitten K. Boodle says:

      Wow, I’d like to hear more of that story, Linda. Which character was it? How did you finally shake him/her?

    • Nosferatu says:

      I concur with Kitten K. Kaboodle. PLEASE tell us that story.

    • Allison says:

      Sounds like the time @ Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson Twp., NJ) in the Spring of 1996, when Porky Pig came out of the “Cast Member Only” gate, spotted my parents sitting at a table in an open-air eating area, and decided to put his hands on their shoulders…all while me, their wonderful 13-year old daughter, watched and smiled at the Pig. I thought my parents were gonna die, or kill me…good times.

  27. senora_jennifer says:

    I love how the original photo was ripped. This is probably one of dad’s favorites and he had it taped up at his office or somewhere until little Ann Marie found it and yanked it off the wall.

  28. Cee says:

    These creatures in costumes are what nightmares are made of. I’m surprised that there aren’t armies of angry mothers, fighting against costumed characters!

  29. Julie Flaig says:

    OMG. I worked at Chucky Cheese’s in Cincinnati as a birthday host. Many a times, parents would force their kids in the arms of Chucky to get that ever so dreadful photo. I bet Akward Family Photos could do a chapter on this. Memories. Thanks I almost forgot them.

  30. M. Greco says:

    This is a great example of the photographic evidence you need in order to get your parents to pay for your therapy bills.

  31. crematoryfire says:

    hahaha i loved showbiz before the mouse bought it :-p

  32. Lily says:

    I used to be Chuck E. Cheese. I could clear a whole room of toddlers, lol!

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