The Wave

February 1st, 2013

The Wave - Family Portrait

The neighbors have tried to complain.

(submitted by Linde)

10 Responses to “The Wave”

  1. Paddywolf says:

    The awkwardness here is the wave. When you are the total subject of the pic , why the heck must you wave. We can see you!

  2. Snowrider says:

    Oh Knights of Nee. We present you with this shrubbery.

  3. Lizzie says:

    I think it’s a sweet picture. There’s something kind of genuine looking about them, even if the suits the guys have on, well, er, they ARE a bit dated! KInd of sweet to me that they all dressed up so formally for a family picture. Times have changed, eh?

  4. Ruth says:

    She never could tell her left from her right.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I actually like this picture and don’t find it ‘awkward’ at all. Everyone looks like they are happy!

  6. Kootie says:

    “Ya’ll come back and see us now, y’hear?”

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