Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl

She was ready for her close-ups.

(submitted by Ashley)

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Helter Skelter

Thanks for the push, Mom.

(submitted by Joe)

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The Official AFP Picture Frame!

Dear Awkward Family,

Well, you asked for it and here it is. Now, you have a place to memorialize those awkward family moments forever in the Awkward Family Photos Picture Frame Kit, which includes three captioned plaques and more. It makes a perfect gift for Easter, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day!

Get your AFP Frame today here at Amazon.com!!!


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Behind The Awkwardness: Beauty & The Beast

“When I was younger, my family and I would have themed Halloween costumes. This year was obviously Beauty and the Beast. Every year, we would get professional photos done of all of us in our costumes and my mother would later scrapbook them. My aunt’s Lumière costume was a crowd favorite of course and my older sister was forced to be Cogsworth just for the photo. The photo also features myself as Belle, my little sister as Chip, my mother as Mrs. Potts, and obviously my dad as the Beast. It’s a weird picture, but one of my favorites from my childhood.”

(submitted by Grace)

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The Last Dance

It’s that moment when we realize just how lucky we are to have her.

(submitted by Evan)

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