Bake Away The Pain

Bake Away The Pain - Valentine's Day

“My friend baked away her Valentine’s Day woes…”

(via source)

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Lucky Number Seven

Lucky Number Seven - Babies

“First girl in the family after 6 boys.”

(submitted by Archie in Australia)

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Life Questions

Life Questions - Kids

“I found this in my 10 year old Son’s room.  He loves his little sister, I think.”

(submitted by Erika)

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Stargazers - Behind The Awkwardness

“This happens to be our engagement photo, which also shows our love for our many animals! We met two years ago on for our love of cats and dogs and for our love of collecting vintage bottle caps. We both enjoy growing organic cat nip for our four cats Pluto, Milkyway, Orion and Jupiter. We also have a dog named Saturn. Richard loves to stargaze, hence all of the galaxy related names for our pets. I really enjoy rescuing lost and abandoned animals and making clothing out of my old curtains,”

(submitted by Hilary)

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Ring Around The Photo

Ring Around The Photo - Teens

“We were taking senior photos of our son and didn’t notice our daughter in the background, until I was editing his proofs.  She knows I am not very fond of the movie The Ring and thought it would be funny.”

(submitted by Jasmine)

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The Winter Bikini

The Winter Bikini - Family Portrait

“My mother insisted on the bikini and wanted water in the background. The only Sears portrait studio backdrop with water was the one with the snow in the background.”

(submitted by Brandy) 

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The Gropes Of Wrath

The Gropes Of Wrath - Mom & Dad

“My parents and their best friends posing in the fields of Malibu. Ironically, both men were surgeons.

(submitted by Stephanie) 

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