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Private Eyes

“My dad didn’t want us to get a dog at first. I found this picture in his room.”

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Gone Fishing

“My daughter was recently ‘star’ of the week. Each of her classmates had to say something nice about her. She meant to write ‘fishing.'”

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Get Lucky

“My hometown newspaper did a front page article about me and the author interviewed my husband and me. She asked for a tip to get good nature photos and I said, ‘get out there, the more you are out the more you see.’ My husband commented that people said I was lucky but I said ‘the harder I work the luckier I am’. And that became the headline.”

(submitted by Becky)

The Kicker

“We had our family photos last week and our oldest daughter was super upset because she got kicked in the face. Nobody saw it happen and we told her to get over it. Got these edited today and her reaction to getting kicked in the face is PERFECT!!”

(submitted by Heather, photo by Converse Photography

Family Circus

“It took us fifty tries to get this one.”

(submitted by Mary) 

The Big Flipper

“This was taken the last night of a seven-day Caribbean cruise. Our three-year-old actually is too young to understand what the middle finger means and she uses it to point. Regardless of her intent, the photographer managed to capture this golden moment.”

(submitted by Carrie) 


“We were taking a nice spring walk through the local arboretum, when this went down. Fortunately for me, the cleanup wasn’t that much of a chore.”

(submitted by Kevin) 

Toga Party

“My husband, his mother and sister. My mother-in-law though she was being ‘artistic.'”

(submitted by Lea)

Grandma Unplugged

“My grandma asked me to come downstairs to help with her phone because it wouldn’t charge.”

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Darth Easter

“My friend lets her kid wear anything anytime.”

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