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“This was taken for my first communion celebration. Why the photographer decided to put my face on my Dad’s crotch, I’ll never know.”

(submitted by IG @sirenita_81)

The New Kid

“Donnie Wahlberg awkwardly feeding me a pickle from his cheeseburger. I actually did not know who the New Kids on the Block were. My dad worked on cruise ships and I always went with him. He made me go up there for this picture and I was terrified of them, of course I am now thrilled to have this picture.”

(submitted by Shauna)

Beaver Fever

“My Mom’s 1976 Halloween costume sure was classy.”

(via source)

Dad Casual

“My Dad and sister at her high school graduation party.  He was always one to dress for the occasion.”

(submitted by Sally)

Big Red

“Here’s a good one for ya. 1992 Taft, CA.”

(submitted by Brittany)


“My grandma is a little nutty.”

(submitted by Kort)

The Hitchhikers

“That’s my little sister hanging out the back window, as the bears were visiting the front windows. What were my parents thinking?”

(submitted by Lori)

Too Close For Comfort

“This is my school photo from second grade. Gee thanks, Mom.”

(submitted by Alisse)

Sleep For Kids

“My daughter gave me this letter yesterday after school and said it was from her teacher.”

(via source)

One Mile At A Time

“My mom and stepdad are runners. I don’t think I read their motivational sign correctly the first time.”

(via source)