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The Count

“This is me as a young child getting my picture taken at a local Toys ‘R Us. Not only am I getting my picture with Dracula but I am wearing Mork and Mindy suspenders and a Father Guido Sarducci shirt.”

(submitted by Jason)

Kitty Style

“My youngest daughter was learning to crawl, so I snapped a picture of one of her early attempts. I didn’t notice the background action until later when I was looking at the photo again.”

(submitted by Seth)

Kindergarten In Tobolsk

“There is a small town in Russia called Tobolsk and in my eyes this place will always be associated with a unique style of photography. This is a picture of my friend from part of her kindergarten photo set.”

(submitted by IG @taniafortepiano)

Meh Brother

“This is me and my brother. He was 15 when I was born and clearly I wasn’t sure about him.”

(submitted by IG @melissavand21

Falling Slowly

“My daughter and I had been holding hands and she was leaning away from me and our photographer caught the perfect moment.  So the rest of us are looking fabulous while my 2 year old is crashing into the pavement.”

… and later that day. Seriously.

(submitted by Ashley)

Ladies Man

“These are my parents attending some function and clearly my father must have disgusted my mother (and the lady behind them).”

(submitted by IG @jerseypeach15

No Frills

“Taken in 1995 when I was a baby and I’m still not a fan of overly frilly clothing.”

(submitted by IG @alwaysapancake)

A Bug’s Life

“There’s nothing wrong about my brother’s pic…until you see the big cockroach on his chest.”

(submitted by IG @lasgalletasdelbarrio

Say Hello

“This photo was taken in a local miracle park, with the Teletubbies in the background. My mother said it would be a cool photo.”

(submitted by Shakur)

Basket Case

“My son wanted to be a baseball catcher and wore a basket on his head everywhere.”

(submitted by IG @marnie94127