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Mary Had A Little Lamb

“If the red eyed devil bunny didn’t get you, the possessed lamb was waiting in the wings.”

(submitted by Chris)

White Snow

“For my third birthday in 1998, in my hometown of Constitucion City, Mexico, I got to meet an extremely creepy White Snow piñata.”

(submitted by IG @lucarrasco_

Two Is The Loneliest Number

“When it dawns on you that you aren’t the only child anymore.”

(submitted by IG @kortney_alexis_k


“My wife on the far right and her family circa 1999 right after their dad yelled at the kids for not taking the portraits seriously.”

(submitted by IG @bassesofdeath and @toydollani)


“My grandma is a little nutty.”

(submitted by Kort)

Party Fowl

“Easter in the late 80s with my family and a creepy visitor.”

(submitted by IG @cj_rose

The Beaster Bunny

“Easter in Great Falls, Montana 1989 with my sister and an Easter bunny that still haunts me.”

(submitted by IG @vanbidness

Laa-Laa Land

“Poland, 2003. My kindergarten class did a photoshoot with the Teletubbies and it wasn’t creepy at all.”

(submitted by IG @bednarrr_

Chester, Big Bob, And Me

“My mom holding my sister up for a photo op with Chester and Big Bob in 1985.”

(submitted by IG @myfoodobsession365

Spring Forward

“No more mall holiday pictures for my niece after this encounter…”

(submitted by IG @babep0wer