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“My fiancé’s senior pictures.”

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Alien Autopsy: Seniors Edition

“Not sure what grandma and her friend are up to.”

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Baby Elephant Walk

“Taken in the Panama tropics with no sunscreen.”

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Man In The Mirror

“My parents wedding day, circa 1977.”

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Rising Tide

“Grandma fell asleep. Then the tide came in.”

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Turtle Of The Bride

“My  three year old cousin screamed and sobbed the entire wedding. When everyone left the church after the ceremony, there happened to be a parade happening outside that included the Ninja Turtles. She was so excited about getting to meet the Turtles that she did not want to go back into the church to take pictures. So my parents asked Raphael (who was her favorite) if he would come inside so their flower girl would be in the pictures. And this was the end result.”

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Take Twenty

“After twenty attempts trying to get everyone to smile, and my sister being afraid of camera flashes, my frustrated father yelled out “Just take the damn picture!”

(submitted by Heather)

Clown Show

“My dad. In my backyard. Making me participate in the worlds creepiest partial family photo. Even for the 80’s..”

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The Backup Plan

“My husband was a ring bearer in his cousin’s wedding. He wasn’t the couple’s first choice, but when the original ring bearer dropped out at the last minute, they quickly had to find another kid around the same age. As you can tell he wasn’t thrilled about being the backup ring bearer.”

(submitted by Melissa)

He’s Bringing Wooly Back

“Dad couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity.”

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