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“My grade 4 clown collection.”

(submitted by IG @jenn_chorney)


“We were all so delighted to meet our little niece, Erin.”

(submitted by Karen)

Buty Call

“Not only did my dad enlist our help to take pics of mom’s butt, there’s also an entire page in a photo album dedicated to it entitled, ‘buty call.'”

(submitted by IG @heathersarit)

The Peaches

“My grandma made my grandpa match her for my cousin’s wedding. We called them ‘The Peaches.'”

(submitted by IG @emyedi)

Oh Brother

“It’s hard to get all 4 brothers to behave for a picture.”

(submitted by IG @lovelylori)


Hello Dolly

“This is a photo of my daughter and her father riding the Tennessee Tornado roller coaster at Dollywood. When we saw the photo at the sales kiosk, we laughed so hard we just HAD to buy it!”

(submitted by Jennifer)


“My dad was weirdly proud of the new trash can he got, so he had me stand in it while we posed with his parents.”

(submitted by IG @hawaiianpikachu)

Game Breaker

“They told us to bring something we love to picture day so I brought my Gameboy. I can not explain the log or the widow’s peak. And just to be clear, the wind didn’t stand a chance.”

(submitted by IG @foodfiending

There He Blows

“When you ask Grandpa to blow up your lake floatie and he obliges. I think Gramma figured out what was taking shape!”

(submitted by IG @jendlenzi

Rear View

“This is me with my younger brother, our grandparents, and our father in hot pants. Circa 1985, Australia.”

(submitted by IG @laney_77_)