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Lettuce Pose

“My Dad was a farmer so where better to do my 21st birthday portrait session than lying down in a lettuce field?”

(submitted by IG @rosalyncropper)

Power Couple

“This is my husband’s senior photo in 2000. He was raised on a dairy farm in a very rural area and became a volunteer firefighter in high school. He has been a firefighter for over 20 years now and I think Pamela’s support is probably a big part of that.”

(submitted by Sara)


Purple Rain

“Our daughter would not cooperate for her photos. She was doing everything BUT smiling. Here she is “Hulking out.'”

(submitted by Amanda)

Mouse Trap

“Brazil, late 90’s at my 3 y/o birthday party. Everything was kinda weird and, well, here is a picture of fear and excitement in a kid.”

(submitted by Larissa) 

Looking Sharpie

“My son’s senior picture, before which, he inexplicably shaved off one eyebrow. Apparently, the photographer insisted he draw it back on for the photo.”

(submitted by Anna) 

Opening Statement

“Found this gem of me and my daughters at the hospital after delivering baby #2.. A few hours in the world and she is already telling us how she feels.”

(submitted by Gen) 

The Birth Announcement

“My son had just been born and I wanted to take a picture of his grandfather holding him for the first time. We didn’t notice what was on the TV screen in the background before sharing it on Facebook.”

(submitted by Sarah)

The Glamorous Life

“Me and my mom in the early 90s. I think I’m 15 in this photo and I remember the thick full body makeup and hot rollers.”

(submitted by Azalea)

Another Trip To NASA Space Center

“We moved to Houston from California and every time family would come to visit, we had to take them to the NASA Space Center. It held no interest to me and I hated the long, hot summer days touring the Space Center. These are my German grandparents, and I remember it was really windy and stuff was blowing in my eyes and I was miserable but my grandma would have none of my bad attitude, so here she is yelling at me for not looking up at the camera.”

(submitted by Linda)



Teal Steel

“My daughter loved going to school but you wouldn’t know it from her first school photo.”

(submitted by Phill)