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Low Five

“This was the best we could get…2008 and feeling great!”

(submitted by IG @allieandsons

The Prom Date

“This is a picture of my husband posing with his prom date in the garden.”

(submitted by IG @frankielouchambers

Jolly St. Nick

“This is my little brother and an obviously hung over Santa. They both look so festive.”

(submitted by Althea) 

Plaid On Plaid

“This picture was taken on Jan 8, 1980 on my cousins 1st birthday. I am the 11 year old child dressed like her parents with a father who was the only one wearing a party hat. The matching plaid couch along with our lumberjack wardrobe is what nightmares are made of or what makes your friends laugh at you hysterically. The bonus in this picture is that it was taken at a happy occasion but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by the look on my face.”

(submitted by Tawnya) 

Swim Fan

“Me sitting in a seat attached to a bare concrete wall at the pool while my siblings swam. Childcare in the 90’s was wild, man.”

(submitted by IG @heilipalo

Catch Of The Day

“My wife and two sons after I returned from a fishing trip with the catch.”

(submitted by IG @ricko19

Dazed And Confused

“What’s confusing (echoed by the bewildered looks on our faces) is that *this* is the photo that our parents chose to buy. How bad were the others?

(submitted by IG @kimberly_g and IG @k3v.7n)


“Family photo circa 1980. Guess who has the home haircut and who doesn’t.”

(submitted by IG @zibaramaley

Mullets In The Mist

“This is a picture of my family from 1984 near Vancouver, BC. Apparently, mullets for all family members were mandatory.”

(submitted by IG @travisheppner and IG

Snake Eyes

“Me, my dad and his adored pet. He promised me a doll to take this photo with them.”

(submitted by IG @csicsavec