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The Christmas Bird

“We tried to take a cute Christmas photo. The baby let us know exactly how she felt.”

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The Stand Ins

“This is how my mother is celebrating Hanukkah while her kids are away at college.”

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Wet Christmas

“Nothing says ‘Holidays’ like waiting in line for an hour and a half to see Santa, only for our son to have an accident the minute before his turn. Santa refused to let him sit on his lap. He gladly welcomed our daughter though, and let’s just say she didn’t enjoy it very much. Can you feel the Christmas magic?”

(submitted by Simon)

Sock & Sandal Squad

“We all had the same fashion sense.”

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Food Coma

“Someone had a little too much at the Thanksgiving feast.”

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Bear With Me

“Restoring a hard drive for my dad when I found the best photo of my brother and me from nearly 18 years ago.”

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Meet Beanie

“My dad circa 1977 looking fly with his little buddy Beanie.”

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Force Of Nature

“Staying relaxed during a hurricane, 80s.”

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Name Of Thrones

“My child’s first birthday party. Might have gone overboard.”

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Disney After Dark

“My dear, sweet, conservative mother-in-law put together a Mickey and Minnie themed photo album of my wife and I…”

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