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Lunatic Toons

“5 year old me with an odd-looking Mickey Mouse and Pink Panther on our family vacation in Mar del Plata, Argentina.”

(submitted by IG @angelagravano)

These Are Some Of My Favorite Things

“This was my senior picture in 1998.”

(submitted by IG @kmichel_actor_voiceover_artist)

17 Is The New 40

“This magnificent awkward moment was my high school graduation photo from 1997. I remember thinking to myself ‘don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall!’ while precariously balanced on what I can only assume were old books under a wrinkled drop cloth. When the photos were sent to me I was too mortified to give them to anyone; in fact I still have the full sheets of them in a bin in my basement. I’m actually 17 in this photo, and I just recently turned 40. Not everyone gets to experience their 40’s twice in life. I just happened to do it the first time when I was in my teens.”

(submitted by IG @shannon_l_norberg

Weenie Roast

“Every year on holiday my mum would make me dress up in a fancy dress competition. Here I am in the early 90’s, inside two sleeping bags… dressed as a ‘Hot Dog.’ As you can see I’m a good foot or so higher than the other contestants, making me at least 12 or 13… old enough to feel the utter embarrassment of being dressed as a massive sausage in a bun! It was also swelteringly hot inside.”

(submitted by IG @emm83

Over It

“I’m about 3 in this picture. It was taken for the church directory. From an early age, I was already over it.”

(submitted by Jessica)

The Leg Sweepers

“My father insisted that all of us must begin lessons in karate after The Karate Kid came out in the 1980’s.  His pride in our accomplishments led to a family photo.”

(submitted by Kristi) 

An Overall Success

“My family’s first and last ‘professional’ family photo when I (the baby) was 18 months and I’m now about to turn 21.”

(submitted by IG @abigaillll_bishop

Mom Overboard

“My mom was temporarily lost at sea during our family’s white water rafting trip.”

(submitted by IG @bcampbellmusic


Vengeance Baby

“This was supposed to be a cute photo of me and my newborn son in 1997.”

(submitted by IG @natashagrimaldi)

Nightmare On Sesame Street

“This was at my elementary school in Japan in 1991. A bunch of characters from a nearby Sesame Street theme park came one afternoon in 1991 to entertain the kids. My mom took this picture thinking I would be excited to meet Ernie. Clearly I was horrified.”

(submitted by IG @akapataka