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Vengeance Dad - AFP Hall Of Fame

Vengeance Dad

“This is my family circa 1976. It looks as if we are all just a figment of my dad’s imagination, and I’m sure there have been many times throughout our lives that he wishes that were the case. My dad has always been the levelheaded one in our family and this picture represents the fact that, when my mother, brother, or I were entertaining any sort of naughty behavior, there was always the vision of my dad lurking over our shoulders.”

(submitted by Hollye)

Birdman - AFP Hall Of Fame


It was only fair that Gary should have to dress up too.

(submitted by Jessica)

Blades Of Glory - AFP Hall Of Fame

Blades Of Glory

“My younger brother in his ‘awkward yet fabulous’ phase. Please note the following:

1. Western-style shirt with Christmas-star-snowflake ornament….
2. One exposed skate (just to prove that you’re wearing skates?).
3. Indestructible plastic-frame glasses because, of course, the parents were worried about their child breaking the stylish/expensive ones.
4. Gold lamé fabric bringing out the most unsympathetic tones in the ginger kid’s skin and hair.”

(submitted by Laura)

The Checkup - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Checkup

One more reason to never fear the dentist.

(submitted by Kate)

Logjam - AFP Hall Of Fame


“This is a photo of my dad (far right) and his three brothers. I guess the photographer couldn’t find a larger prop to set them on, and instead had them stradle and squeeze in.”

(submitted by Mandy)

Window Display - AFP Hall Of Fame

Window Display

Anything for the shot.

(submitted by Beth)

Bunny Ears - AFP Hall Of Fame

Bunny Ears

Sometimes, imagination just isn’t enough.

(submitted by Josh)

Laser Cat - AFP Hall Of Fame

Laser Cat

Don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

(submitted by Laurence)


Facial - AFP Hall Of Fame


“This is me at my 9th birthday party… apparently, it was laundry day as well. My best friend hit me in the face with a mini-golf putter at the Dairy Queen. It was an accident. Only two friends and my brother were still around for cake after I got home from the hospital. Really Mom, were there no clean shirts around?”

(submitted by Marc)

Monkey Business - AFP Hall Of Fame

Monkey Business

You can never have too many monkeys.

(submitted by H)