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It’s My Party

She had a great time… or so she was told.

(submitted by J Clay)


So this is where babies come from.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Picture Book

It’s was grandpa’s favorite bedtime story.

(submitted by Michelle)


“This is a photo of my dad and my sister’s boyfriend putting a puzzle together while on vacation in Phoenix since it was so stinkin’ hot to go outside. I guess this was also a good way to keep track of the baby.”

(submitted by Joy)

Tune In Tokyo

Apparently, there was some confusion.

(submitted by Heather)


“I have no idea why I am holding a knife or have a grenade strapped to my waist, but since I’m crying I can pretty much guarantee my older brother had something to do with it.”

(submitted by Marcy)

The Pepsi Generation

Who needs milk?

(submitted by Kayla)


Not a lot to quack about.

(submitted by Danielle)

Horse Trouble

Baby Aleister is back and this time, he’s just a little less unhappy.

(submitted by Julian)

*See Aleister’s first masterpiece, Wagon Trouble


Clearly, she wasn’t happy with it either.

(submitted by Karna)