Wedding Escape

Wedding Escape - Dad

“My pops getting dragged back into his wedding, 1976.”

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Evil Eyed

Evil Eyed - Dad

“A daughter’s first prom.”

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Baby In One Hand, Root Beer In The Other

Baby In One Hand, Root Beer In The Other - Babies

“This is how my Dad used to hold me as a baby.”

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Give Me A Break

Give Me A Break - Dad

“This is a picture of my Dad during our 1997 trip to Disney World in Florida. Fanny packs and mid-riff shirts, and nut-hugging shorts were Dad’s preferred ensemble. He had started a mullet a couple of years before this and refused to cut it until he retired. He’s still working, but my mom told him she wouldn’t go with him on their 32nd Anniversary cruise celebration in February 2011 unless he cut it. He finally gave in.”

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Dad Vs. Gravity

Dad Vs. Gravity - Dad

“This photo of my Dad confused me as a kid.”

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Dad’s New Remote

Dad’s New Remote - Dad

“This is how my Dad has been changing channels lately.”

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Excitable Dad

Excitable Dad - Dad

“This is from my sister’s sweetheart ball. When Mom got the photo back she realized there was something wrong with Dad’s face.”

(submitted by Stephanie)

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