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Smoke Signals

“My dad was the coach of my brother’s little league team.”

(submitted by IG @leannski355)

Puppet Master

“My daughter and I years ago. I had a beaver mullet and she looks like my ventriloquist dummy.”

(submitted by Rudy)

Multitasking: Dad Edition

“The one sitting down is my husband (the father) who couldn’t seem to find 5 minutes away from Xbox to feed our son, THANK GOD FOR BEST FRIENDS!”

(submitted by Joanne)

Alternative Wedding

“My dad got remarried in 2004 when I was 16 and my sister was 12. This was our attire.”

(submitted by IG @khughes215)

Garden of Rusty

“I find relaxation in my obsession with a green lawn and landscaping.”

(submitted by Rusty)

Flipping Out

“My son, yesterday, telling me how he really feels.”

(submitted by IG @soverykeri

Rise And Shine

“Our kids had experimented with a few different balancing acts and by the time I got my camera figured out, our son had found a new perch.”

(submitted by Alexandra)


“At a family birthday party, I thought I would do the fatherly thing and play a little soccer with my daughter.  As I approached her to try to steal the ball, she sent a rocket in my direction. I was okay after writhing on the ground for a few minutes.  We switched to football for the rest of the afternoon.

(submitted by Dan)

One Take Wonders

“First family trip and it was the best picture of my dad … but not quite me.”

(submitted by Ricardo)

Dad’s Baby Arm

“If the fact my dad looks like a serial killer or the ET shirt I’m rocking isn’t enough awesomeness in one photo, please enjoy the awkwardness of my dad’s arm with a baby’s hand.”

(submitted by Michael)