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Taste The Difference

“Found this note in my bathroom drawer after my dad tried to borrow toothpaste.”

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Bottle Service

“This is a photo of my brother’s family.  We were trying to get a nice Christmas card photo, and my brother was getting rid of his beer so it wouldn’t be in the picture. He wasn’t fast enough.”

(submitted by Ashley)

By A Nose

“How I found my 4 week old and husband.”

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Rise And Shine

“Our kids had experimented with a few different balancing acts and by the time I got my camera figured out, our son had found a new perch.”

(submitted by Alexandra)

Safety Belt

“Back when my dad strapped me in his belt for a good safe ride!”

(submitted by Meredith) 


Meet Beanie

“My dad circa 1977 looking fly with his little buddy Beanie.”

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Southern Exposure

“My dad’s “termination of employment” letter circa 1979 is interesting.”

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The 13th Day Of Christmas

“Mom sent me this photo of my father’s entry into an ugly Christmas sweater.”

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The Lifeguard

“Dad didn’t tell us how to live. He showed us.”

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“My father, smuggling cheese slices into a local burger joint, rebelling against their $.60 upcharge. RESIST!”

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