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The Delivery Room Selfie

“I had a medicated pregnancy and my husband dutifully took pictures the entire time. This is when they started to sew me up and apparently the most opportune time to take a selfie.”

(submitted by Jill) 

Higher Education

“My dad in high school vs. my dad in college. Early to mid 1970’s.”

(via source)

The Stand In

“Baby due any day now. Getting some last minute practice in.”

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Footing The Bill

“My stepmom decided this picture was a great idea and ordered us all shirts, including my dad whose shirt was a mix of the boy and girl colors. I think our faces show not one of the five of us wanted to participate. We still joke about whether it was to keep him from forgetting or just to make sure everyone knew whose fault we were.”

(submitted by Amber) 

Light It Up

“A Fourth of July variation of the old warning, ‘Never fry bacon naked.’  Ouch. It’s me and my dad in this picture, and he still loves playing with sparklers.”

(submitted by Valerie)


“My best friend at the age of three, sharing a sparkling 4th of July with his father.”

(submitted by Roxanne) 

Maggsie The Wombat

“So my parents raised a wombat. Here’s my dad with her. Her name was Maggsie. They released her back into the wild when she was three.”

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The Great Divider

“I have triplets, and they have backseat battles. This was my solution. Driving is peaceful now.”

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All About Dad

“This came home with my 3 year old. Apparently the teacher asked the questions and these were his responses.”

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Dad Steel

“Welp, I found my Dad’s old modeling photos.”

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