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Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

“Two of my children had fun at Legoland in 2005.”

(submitted by IG @hjuvaerinemikko


“My poor mom, so happy thinking that Dad was taking a picture of her while on vacation.”

(submitted by Maribeth)


“I was taking a picture of my husband and two daughters when it happened.”

(submitted by Miranda)

Heads Of The Family

“This is a photo of my parents and all of our heads: four daughters and their respective families. My Dad loves photography, and purchased a green screen so that our family photos could miraculously be in any lovely location in the world. This one, however, highlights the fact that he might want to improve his cutting and pasting skills.”

(submitted by Susie) 



“My Dad’s 85th birthday. Took a picture outside the restaurant which was in a very artsy part of town. Wasn’t until I posted it on Facebook that a friend pointed out that the writing on the wall behind us was hilarious.”

(submitted by Michele)

Holiday Hangover

“My dad sleeping off the holiday. London, 1980s.”

(submitted by IG @mrsdoomspatterson and IG @carolinethomasjewellery

Big Mama’s House

“My mom worked at this photography studio. She made us go for family pics because it counted as one of her sales. And she got to be the star of the portrait.”

(submitted by Carolyn) 

My Father, My Hero

“This is from a scrapbook I made of my family when I was about 7. Apparently these were the highlights of my dad as I saw him back then. Ah, memories.”

(submitted by IG @byrnes_ashleigh)

Two Thumbs Up

“My 6 year old daughter drew a picture of me ‘giving two thumbs up.’ Apparently I had gas that day as well.”

(submitted by Steve)

Tune In Tokyo

“My dad is the baby in this photo. Apparently there was some confusion back then about what exactly feeds a baby.”

(submitted by Heather)