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Mallet Man

“This is my Dad, Bob. Taken back in the late 70’s. My mom says the short shorts were his signature look.”

(submitted by Michelle)

The Gentleman’s Cake

“My husband presenting the “gymnastics” themed birthday cake to our daughter but the cake looks more like a party cake for a private club.”

(submitted by Leslie)

A Family Tableau

“Turned the corner to go into the living room, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, and was immediately taken aback to find this scene going on quietly.”

(submitted by Rachel) 

The Christmas Bunny

“This is a picture of me and my dad at Christmas time.”

(submitted by Jill) 

Bubble Trouble

“Tried to get a cute pic of my daughter and husband making bubbles.”

(submitted by IG @rachael_mcnamara_

Clown Show

“My dad. In my backyard. Making me participate in the world’s creepiest partial family photo. Even for the 80’s.”

(via ig: pitamoll)

Big Fish

“Just what every kid recovering from an elbow reconstruction wants: a huge promotional fish from Long John Silvers stopping by with a care package of coloring supplies and I can’t remember what else. The early 90s were a strange time.”

(submitted by Andie)

Hello Dolly

“My mom gave my dad a Dolly Parton cake for his birthday in 1984. He was not amused for some reason, even though I know he loves Dolly and apparently he didn’t wear shirts in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @brunotheears)

Tour De Force

“I took our girls to see their dad on tour. It went well.”

(submitted by IG @britainleigh and IG @ajfftg)

Baptisms Have More Fun

“My dad had a Rod Stewart impersonator at my baptism.”

(submitted by IG @giannakidney