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Rest Stop

“My dad and I getting ready for a road trip in the summer of ’86.”

(submitted by IG @svartlotsen

Bear Hug

“Me and my Dad. It looks like I was raised by Ron Jeremy.”

(submitted by IG @mackadacious)

Short Christmas

“This is my father in 1980 in front of the Christmas tree wearing his favorite pair of shorts (that he had in several different colors).”

(submitted by IG @hannahlouisiana7

Spirit Of ’86

“1986 in a nutshell. Badly done Dorothy Hamill hair. Socks with jelly shoes. Dad with his smokes in his pocket. And lots of rattan.”

(submitted by IG @viewholla

The Christmas Hangover

“My father and I Christmas morning circa 1982. Mom said he was probably hung over.”

(submitted by IG @creia77)

Happy Days

“Me and my dad at a girl scouts 50’s dance thing when i was like…10.”

(submitted by Sarah)

Synchronized Smoking

“Noticed in this picture from a day at the beach that my dad was swimming, holding me, and smoking all at the same time.”

(submitted by Sarah) 

Shower Buddy

“My Dad showering with a fish he just caught.”

(submitted by IG @meghan___desmond

Dad’s Pee Shot

“Dad with a nice drive at Pebble Beach.”

(submitted by IG @kt10milelake

My Father, My Hero

“This is from a scrapbook I made of my family when I was about 7. Apparently these were the highlights of my dad as I saw him back then. Ah, memories.”

(submitted by IG @byrnes_ashleigh)