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“My wife on the far right and her family circa 1999 right after their dad yelled at the kids for not taking the portraits seriously.”

(submitted by IG @bassesofdeath and @toydollani)

The Delivery Room Selfie

“I had a medicated pregnancy and my husband dutifully took pictures the entire time. This is when they started to sew me up and apparently the most opportune time to take a selfie.”

(submitted by Jill) 

Maximum Mullet

“My dad’s hair wins the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @parysite

Beer Me

“Dad was in charge while mom was at work.”

(submitted by IG


“My dad on a Saturday morning excitedly packing his 6 pack for a PSU game. My mom doesn’t seem thrilled with his plans.”

(submitted by IG @jenniferelizabeth99


“My dad was weirdly proud of the new trash can he got, so he had me stand in it while we posed with his parents.”

(submitted by IG @hawaiianpikachu)

Roberto Ross

“My dad’s name is Roberto…so he looked like a dark-skinned latino version of Bob Ross . My sister already had me convinced I was the mailman’s kid and dad’s hair only helped her false narrative. None of it mattered as long as I had my Bert sweatshirt!”

(submitted by Mercedes) 

Baby Attacks!

“I was a big baby and my dad had this great idea of making me look like a monster on my birth announcement.”

(submitted by IG @makispring

Body Surfing

“My cousin took this photo of her husband and two sons. The older brother was supposed to be standing & smiling but apparently had fallen over.”

(submitted by Vanisha) 

Daddy’s Little Helper

“Dad decided to let me ride the lawnmower while cleaning the yard. Yes, that is a 1970’s era car seat attached to the lawnmower. Safety first!”

(submitted by Dee)