Ho Ho Halloween

Ho Ho Halloween - Halloween

“This is from 1988 I believe, I would have been 5.  While other little girls were dressing up as princesses, witches, or something cute, my mother decided to dress me as Santa Claus!  Because what 5 year old little girl wouldn’t want to be Santa for Halloween?  My sister was a duck, my mother convinced her she was dressed as Howard the Duck (I was so jealous!). Another one of my sisters is a dog, and my oldest sister was a fashionable 80′s fashionista (lucky!). That’s my mom in the picture, proudly showing off her misfit kids!”

(submitted by Jamie)

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Mummified - Behind The Awkwardness

“My dad was a history enthusiast. My mom a nurse. On a dark and stormy night they joined together and this is what happened.”

(submitted by Caroline)

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The Clown In The Attic

The Clown In The Attic - Halloween

It was worth it for the extra rent.

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Shine - Halloween

There’s no place like homemade.

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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis - Halloween

“A few years back, during Halloween, a friend’s mom took this photo with her son who was dressed as a bug. She refused to sit next to him!”

(submitted by Eric)

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Homespun - Halloween

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

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