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The Cut-Up

The Cut-Up - Kids

“A hot summer backyard photo.  Why my dad is shirtless, I don’t know.  Why by sister has curlers, I don’t know.  Why am I cross-eyed?  It was before the operation.”

(submitted by Danny)

In Kids • March 27th, 2017 • Comments Off on The Cut-Up

Cardboard Daughter

Cardboard Daughter - Graduation

“My parents threw a graduation party for themselves after the last kid, (the one on the left end), graduated from high school. The oldest child was out of state at the time and unable to attend. So my mom took a cardboard moving box, cut it out in a shape that resembled a human being, and stuck her face on it.”

(submitted by Elise)

In Graduation • March 23rd, 2017 • Comments Off on Cardboard Daughter

A Kiss From Below

A Kiss From Below - Christmas

“My friend sent out this Christmas card. Mom and Dad kissed and the kids thought they should too.”

(submitted by Scott)

In Christmas • March 22nd, 2017 • Comments Off on A Kiss From Below

Lucky Dogs

Lucky Dogs - Birthdays

“We were taking a family photo for my birthday and got upstaged by the dogs.”

(submitted by Sally)

In Birthdays • March 20th, 2017 • Comments Off on Lucky Dogs

Headed For Splitsville

Headed For Splitsville - Family Portrait

“My family in the last picture taken before the divorce.”

(submitted by Bill)

In Family Portrait • March 15th, 2017 • Comments Off on Headed For Splitsville

Pack Of Poodles

Pack Of Poodles - Family Portrait

“There’s a reason Dad called us his poodles.”

(submitted by Cindi)

In Family Portrait • March 13th, 2017 • Comments Off on Pack Of Poodles

When Nature Calls During The Nature Walk

When Nature Calls During The Nature Walk - Mom & Dad

“This is my parents relationship in a nutshell.”

(via source)

In Mom & Dad • March 13th, 2017 • Comments Off on When Nature Calls During The Nature Walk
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