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My Parents’ Garden Of Eden

My Parents’ Garden Of Eden - Mom & Dad

“Found this in an old shoe box at my dad’s. It’s my parents. 1990.”

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The Debonairs

The Debonairs - Mom & Dad

“My mom and dad in 1987.”

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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday - Family Portrait

“This was taken for the church directory. I not happy that I’m wearing a dress, and my little sister was busy picking her nose, and little brother was just plain not a happy camper.”

(submitted by Leigh)

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Pub Crawlers

Pub Crawlers - Kids

“When I was a kid my family decided to take a vacation to Blackpool, England. This picture is perhaps the only family portrait I have from my youth. I treasure it!”

(submitted by Audrey)

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The Cut-Up

The Cut-Up - Kids

“A hot summer backyard photo.  Why my dad is shirtless, I don’t know.  Why by sister has curlers, I don’t know.  Why am I cross-eyed?  It was before the operation.”

(submitted by Danny)

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Cardboard Daughter

Cardboard Daughter - Graduation

“My parents threw a graduation party for themselves after the last kid, (the one on the left end), graduated from high school. The oldest child was out of state at the time and unable to attend. So my mom took a cardboard moving box, cut it out in a shape that resembled a human being, and stuck her face on it.”

(submitted by Elise)

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A Kiss From Below

A Kiss From Below - Christmas

“My friend sent out this Christmas card. Mom and Dad kissed and the kids thought they should too.”

(submitted by Scott)

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