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Mom & Dad


“Found my parents’ honeymoon photo, taken of my father by my mother.”

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The Floaters

“My parents’ 1984 wedding photography in all its glory.”

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Captain Underpants

“No one told me that my shirt was tucked in my underwear. 1992.”

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Bringing Home Baby

“This is my parents leaving my grandmothers house after staying there for a month after I was born! My mother didn’t believe she actually could take care of me alone, at 28 years old! That’s my grandmom locking the door in the background! Thankfully they turned out to be good parents!”

(submitted by Melanie)

Thumb War

“My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent.”

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Vest In Show

“My family in the 70s. Grandma crocheted these sweater vests for us.”

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Two Goths And A Baby

“Ten years ago and our first family photo, it looked like we stole someone’s kid.”

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The Chug

“My favorite picture of my parents on their wedding day. 1991.”

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“My mother was taking the photo and told us to look at the light then at the camera to avoid red eye. But she took the photo too soon.”

(submitted by Lizzie)

1,2,3 Grab

“An authentic family portrait.”

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