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Mom & Dad

Holiday Reading

“Coming home for Thanksgiving can be an enlightening experience.”

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Get A Room 2

“When mom and dad kiss in front of you.”

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Stiff Arm

“Just trying to get a nice family photo. Ended up with this.”

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Find Your Beach

“Mom didn’t trust my dad to hold me outside the carrier.”

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Little Squirt 2

“Back in 2014, we sent you a picture of our son’s little ‘accident.’ Well, my wife and I just had twins, and this time it was Mom’s turn.”

And here’s the original:

(submitted by David) 

Get A Room

“We took a family picture. The photographer wanted to make it look all sweet with us being a little blurry and the kids looking on. She snapped a lot of pictures and of course the kids were disgusted, this was by far the best one!”

(submitted by Becky, photo by Cee Photography

Together Apart

“My parents at their wedding day in the 90’s. Apparently, the photographer thought this was a great idea.”

(submitted by Danielle)

Hustle And Flow

“My uncle and his ex-wife 1978.”

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“My parents took me out one night in the 80s.”

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Discreetly Dad

“My Mom forced my Dad to get his picture taken in the early 80’s. Years later, I discovered his silent rebellion.”

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