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Mom & Dad

The Minnesota Sweats

“My dad grew up in Minnesota, where the tradition of sweating out your worries (and clearly your soul), in a giant, cedar oven is passed down from each white, pasty, Scandinavian generation to the next.”

(submitted Corissa)

Fists Of Fury

“Palestine, Arkansas, early 90s. I got bullied a lot and when I asked my dad to teach me to defend myself he suggested we take Taekwondo together as a family. Our instructor told us the major appeal of taekwondo as a martial art was the “Intimidation Factor.” I think we pulled it off in this photo.”

(submitted by IG @chuckt433

Worth It

“Our family photo from 1981. I seem annoyed even though I’m wearing my favorite Izod terry cloth shirt. My sister is comforting my grandmother. My Dad and brother seem somewhat pleased. This photo was stored in the original envelope which was marked COD, so we definitely paid for this.”

(submitted by IG @kevatino

Hot Tub Greetings

“My parents just got a hot tub and were very excited about it. Therefore, my grandma hired a professional photographer to take a family photo in the hot tub. For some reason they posed with wine and candles even though the children were not old enough to drink… and sent it out to 150 plus friends as a Christmas card.”

(submitted by Brittany)


“My mother caught us unaware as we had just sat down after returning from the hospital.  This picture vividly illustrates that no matter the amount of lamaze classes, you will not be prepared for reality.”

(submitted by Ben)

Floral Arrangement

“Apparently we had a floral and fruit themed family photo back in the 90s.”

(submitted by IG @lindsey.bean

The Beast

“We were at the theme park with my family in Ohio during the summer of 2008 and were getting ready to leave when we decided to go on the ride “The Beast” one last time. In the back row is my husband who was having the time of his life.”

(submitted by Sandy)


Bundle Of Oy

“This is my mom and dad on the day my younger brother was born in 1992.”

(submitted by IG @heathermrector


“1980. El Segundo, California. My grandmother and her fourth husband on their wedding day.”

(submitted by IG @_riley_young_)

Having Fun Yet?

“This is an outtake from a 2012 family photo session where we were all obviously having so much fun.”

(submitted by IG @mombastic)