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Mom & Dad

The Birthday Girl

“This was taken for my mom’s December birthday — notice the weird birthday cake with Christmas trees on it. She looks thrilled. One hand with a death grip on my brother (who thought he was the ultimate warrior from WWE) and the other with a cigarette to take the edge off.”

(submitted by Tiara)

Floracular Spectacular

“My parents were married in 1981 and my mom wanted a picture of her looking down at her bouquet with a double-exposure of my dad’s head floating above her like she was thinking of him. Mom cried when she saw the resulting photo, but we all laugh over it now.”

(submitted by IG @mrs.baldwin18)

The View From Above

“This is my mom and stepdad’s wedding featuring the classic 1985 photographer that just learned a new photoshop skill.”

(submitted by IG @tara.p.l

Curl Girls

“We had the best hair of 1987.”

(submitted by IG @the_dmz_files

Basket Case

“My son wanted to be a baseball catcher and wore a basket on his head everywhere.”

(submitted by IG @marnie94127

Meet The Mullets

“This is a photo of my parents and I when I was about two years old. My hair grew in as a mullet and both of my parents had them as well. All my friends die laughing and think it’s fake when I show it to them.”

(submitted by Brynhild)

The Everyday Clown

“As a child, I would dress up as a clown whenever there was a reason to celebrate – in this case the birth of my younger brother.”

(submitted by Alex)

Fists Of Fury

“Palestine, Arkansas, early 90s. I got bullied a lot and when I asked my dad to teach me to defend myself he suggested we take Taekwondo together as a family. Our instructor told us the major appeal of taekwondo as a martial art was the “Intimidation Factor.” I think we pulled it off in this photo.”

(submitted by IG @chuckt433

The Silhouette

“My mom and dad in the late 80s. Apparently it was considered cutting edge to put your picture inside a silhouette of your son.”

(IG @brookemaechler)

The Honeymoon Phase

“Here’s a picture of my folks in 1981, captured a few weeks after having my older sister – they look thrilled.”

(submitted by IG @_thevos_)