Lemur Relief

Lemur Relief - Couples

“My wife and I were on a trip to Mexico. One day on the beach, a guy was walking around with a lemur and a photographer. We thought it wild be cute to get one of the photos he was providing. It wasn’t until my wife made it her profile picture that we realized the lemur was taking a dump on my arm. Now the picture completely grosses me out.”

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100 Percent Snakeskin

100 Percent Snakeskin - Black And White

“Just a picture of my great-grandpa wearing a suit that he made entirely out of rattlesnake, complete with a tie, shoes, cane and hat!”

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Jewel Thief

Jewel Thief - Kids

“My wife couldn’t find her wedding ring yesterday. Our baby will be a diamond mule the next couple days.”

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Dad Writes Creative Notes To Excuse Kids’ Tardiness

Dad Writes Creative Notes To Excuse Kids’ Tardiness - Awkward Galleries

For parents, the act of getting the kids to school on time might be the biggest challenge of their day, and with five children of his own, Utah dad Seth King has dealt with his share of morning rushes. Whenever his kids, whose ages range from 15 years old to 3, arrive at school late, the administration requires a note from parents. But rather than fall back on the same excuses we’ve all used a hundred times before (“Someone overslept,” “the car wouldn’t start,” “a sinkhole opened up in the kitchen,” etc.), King views these notes an opportunity for creativity. For several years he’s been writing lengthy, whimsical, excuse notes, and more recently he’s been posting them on his Instagram, appropriately named “Late Notes.”

King told The Huffington Post that in addition to exercising his own creativity, the original impetus for writing such long letters was to teach his kids that their actions have consequences. More recently, though, he says the notes have given his oldest daughter, 15-year-old Isabella, more incentive to be punctual–she finds the whole thing a bit embarrassing, which we’re sure only makes it more fun for Seth.

As for the schools, Seth says they look forward to any time a King kid is tardy because it means a new fun letter to read.

It sounds like everyone involved manages to take a stressful situation like running late in the morning not so seriously.

Well, except Isabella. She’ll appreciate this one day, we hope.

You can check out a gallery of Seth’s letters (and admire his penmanship!) below:

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Little Messi

Little Messi - Kids

“My nephew asked if he could wear his sunglasses. He scored seven goals.”

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Bathing Suit

Bathing Suit - Black And White

“My great-grandfather at the beach. He didn’t mess around.”

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Couple Finds Humor In Heartbreak With “Infertility Announcements”

Couple Finds Humor In Heartbreak With “Infertility Announcements” - Awkward Galleries

The struggle to conceive is all too real, and when Spencer and Whitney Blake found out they could not have children, they were devastated. But while processing their feelings, they came up with a way to add some levity to their situation: “infertility announcements.”

The idea came about after seeing so many people post creative pregnancy announcements on social media. (Something we’ve covered extensively.) Feeling left out, Spencer and Whitney decided to turn common pregnancy announcement tropes on their head. The result is funny, and honest. After posting their infertility announcements online, the couple received emails from people around the world, thanking them for helping to cope with their own fertility struggles.

Spencer and Whitney even became parents, too. A few years after their project, they adopted two boys:

You can check out their infertility announcements below:

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