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“This past year my best friend and I have been putting random things in our beards. We hope you enjoy!”

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Hot Rod

Hot Rod - Dad

“I drew this Father’s Day card for my dad in first grade (1991). He was (and still is) an auto mechanic and frequently wore a tattered t-shirt that said “Mechanics Have Hot Rods.” Of course, he had lots of cool cars! I didn’t know why everyone found this so amusing.”

(submitted by Ryan)

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Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor - Babies

“I was thirteen when my brother was born & apparently the responsibility expectation stakes were suddenly raised to a whole new level. Are we to assume that I was assisting with labor & delivery? WTH?”

(submitted by Jerrod)

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Sandy - Behind The Awkwardness

“I’m safely assuming drugs were the reason that led my parents to have a t-shirt of my face made back in the 80’s.  Now, it’s my son’s favorite thing to wear.”

(submitted by Sandy)

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Photobather - Wedding

“Here’s a picture of a man taking a bath. Also, my cousin got married.”

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This Book

This Book - Couples

Before there was mace, there was this book.

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