Recreating The Awkwardness

Recreating The Awkwardness - Recreations

“My sister, cousin, and I grew up together and our parents were always taking pictures of us doing weird stuff.  We have no idea why my cousin is in the scary clown make-up, who did it, or why she is just holding that apple.  The hardest part of the re-creation was my sister – who is obviously no longer a baby.  She wore a flesh-colored spandex suit and an adult diaper.  She couldn’t get her feet up by her face though, so we cropped out most of her body.”

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Full - Kids

“Caught that moment my son realized he ate too much.”

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Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love - Babies

“The only way my 3 day-old daughter would fall asleep. After two hours of carrying her around, I got hungry.”

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Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster - Kids

“My 3 year old son took my phone. When I got it back, I saw this.”

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Recreating the Awkwardness

Recreating the Awkwardness - Awkward Galleries

“For my Mum’s birthday, my brother and I recreated our favorite childhood photos as fully grown adults.”

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The Safe Way

The Safe Way - Birthdays

“We asked Safeway to make a Star Wars cake for our editor Frank. This is what they gave us.”

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Robespotting - Recreations

“The family that bathrobes together 1959 & 1979.”

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