Flex - Kids

“You don’t mess with a face like that.”

(submitted by Katie)

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Behind The Awkwardness: The Winner

Behind The Awkwardness: The Winner - Kids

“I won every academic award possible– math, history, English, science, and computer science. Plus mock trial award. 8th grade. Hotness.”

(submitted by Paul)

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Tube Tops

Tube Tops - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a portrait of me and my mom taken at the local Woolworth’s in the late 70′s. My mom thought it would be cute to take photos in our tube tops. I posted this pic on FB as it’s always been one of my favorites; I thought it was so sweet. Two weeks ago, a friend saw it on FB and suggested that it could be a contender for your site. I HAD NEVER THOUGHT OF THE PHOTO IN THAT LIGHT, but now that I see what others see, I can’t stop laughing.”

(submitted by Ruth)

In Behind The Awkwardness • June 19th, 2013 • 52 Comments »

The Great Divide

The Great Divide - School Photos

There are two sides to every story.

(submitted by Samantha)

In School Photos • June 19th, 2013 • 12 Comments »


Bareback - Pregnancy

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

(submitted by Grace)

In Pregnancy • June 19th, 2013 • 7 Comments »

Night Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead - Black And White

Halloween was never the same.

(submitted by Joan)

In Black And White • June 18th, 2013 • 15 Comments »
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