Hissy Fit

Hissy Fit - Babies

“I introduced my cat to my newborn daughter.”

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In Babies • April 24th, 2017 • Comments Off on Hissy Fit

When Your Goat’s Expecting

When Your Goat’s Expecting - Pets

“This is what happens when you have one sister who is a professional photographer and loves animals and another sister with a mini zoo. You get professional goat maternity photos.”

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In Pets • April 24th, 2017 • Comments Off on When Your Goat’s Expecting

Nookie Monster

Nookie Monster - Dad

“My dad, his ¬†fro, his dog, and his t-shirt. 1978.”

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In Dad • April 19th, 2017 • Comments Off on Nookie Monster

Cat Fancy

Cat Fancy - Pets

“My brother took our cat to prom. He couldn’t find a date.”

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In Pets • April 13th, 2017 • Comments Off on Cat Fancy

New Tricks

New Tricks - Kids

“My mother gave me zero context for this photo besides, ‘I think it was taken in Virginia Beach.'”

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In Kids • April 7th, 2017 • Comments Off on New Tricks

The New Pet

The New Pet - Couples

“My wife, the saint, throwing facts about baby skunks.”

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In Couples • April 7th, 2017 • Comments Off on The New Pet


Furball - Pets

“Get a husky, they said. They’re so pretty, they said.”

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In Pets • March 31st, 2017 • Comments Off on Furball
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