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“This happens to be our engagement photo, which also shows our love for our many animals! We met two years ago on for our love of cats and dogs and for our love of collecting vintage bottle caps. We both enjoy growing organic cat nip for our four cats Pluto, Milkyway, Orion and Jupiter. We also have a dog named Saturn. Richard loves to stargaze, hence all of the galaxy related names for our pets. I really enjoy rescuing lost and abandoned animals and making clothing out of my old curtains,”

(submitted by Hilary)

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Resplendent In Raccoon

Resplendent In Raccoon - Kids

“Here is a picture my auntie took of my cousin with a bunch of baby racoons.”

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Downward Dog

Downward Dog - Engagement

“We took engagement photos with our new puppy. This one is my favorite.”

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Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat - Black And White

“Going through some old family photos when I found this.”

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Marking His Territory

Marking His Territory - Babies

“This picture was taken in July 2012 for my daughter’s 3 month photos. We decided to let the dog join us, and my daughter was supposed to rest on the his side, but it looks like the he’s about to pee on her. My son is just miserable, and his popped Polo collar makes him look like he has stud earrings.”

(submitted by Hillary) 

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I Want A Cat

I Want A Cat - Kids

“A letter I wrote my parents in 2nd grade. Guess I really wanted that cat.”

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Don’t Mess With The Goat

Don’t Mess With The Goat - Pets

“So my family has a pet goat and, well, she isn’t fond of others…”

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