Nut - Mom

“This is my mother in the 80′s with our pet squirrel, Nut. This squirrel absolutely hated me and I was terrified of her. She gnawed her way through my bedroom door just to attack me as I slept. My mother and the squirrel had a special bond though. Nut even slept with her in her bed.”

(submitted by Jeni)

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Peace & Joy

Peace & Joy - Family Portrait

“We were trying to get a family photo including our two friendly chocolate labs. They got really excited and decided to start play-fighting. In the photo, they look like killer dogs.”

“(submitted by Kate)

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Just Three Of Us

Just Three Of Us - Pets

“Got married in September. My mom requested the photographer get a photo of all her ‘children’”

(via source)

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Ratty - Pets

“This is my absolutely favorite childhood picture of my husband. He was 12 years old. It was taken a day after Easter with his pet rat, that he called RATTY. His birthday was just a few weeks before Easter and my mother-in-law was going to take my husband to JC Penny for his traditional annual birthday picture. He wanted to have his picture taken with RATTY :) And he did! It was shortly after that JC Penney Portrait Studio adopted a policy of no animals in its studios.”

(submitted by Yuliya Franklin)

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Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites - Dad

“This is a picture of of my dad with our two dogs. As you can see, the painting behind him is not of his biological children.”

(submitted by Alyssa)

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