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Doggone It

“We tried to take a nice family photo, but my daughter lost it when the dog stuck his head in between everyone.”

(submitted by IG @alexschottdodge

Christmas Calm

“New puppy and 1 year old. All is calm, all is bright.”

(submitted by IG @rachiesglig

When Pigs Fly

“My mother’s attempt at a Christmas card photo circa 1994. The family pig Petunia would have none of it and attacked my younger brother while my other brother looks on gleefully.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Pet Project

“Here we have a photo of my dad with a poodle, a Siamese cat and a raccoon…that is nibbling on his ear. My grandpa looks on with sheer amazement. Circa 1967.”

(submitted by Julie) 

Curtain Swap

“I was trying to face swap with my cat. Somehow I swapped with my curtain instead.” 

(submitted by Karyn) 

Guinea Pig Surprise

“Found this picture of my wife when she was a kid. Her parents had this picture professionally taken of her and her pet Guinea Pig. The scary thing is that it looks there is a giant guinea pig behind her and she doesn’t even know!”

(submitted by Nic)

A Family Tableau

“Turned the corner to go into the living room, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, and was immediately taken aback to find this scene going on quietly.”

(submitted by Rachel) 

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Wagon

“My husband is in the back, his brother is in the front, and their English mastiff is in the middle. They took the photos in a mall and according to him, ‘Nothing in this photo made sense then and it sure doesn’t make sense now.'”

(submitted by IG @deniserochelle and IG @jaymefsmith

Kitty Style

“My youngest daughter was learning to crawl, so I snapped a picture of one of her early attempts. I didn’t notice the background action until later when I was looking at the photo again.”

(submitted by Seth)

Bucky’s Bunch

“I love animal shirts, so I somehow convinced my family to wear golden retriever shirts with our golden retriever, Bucky, for our 2013 family Christmas card photo to be sent out to our relatives and friends.”

(submitted by Nicole)