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Bird House

“That’s me in the front and I was in love with Michael Jackson and had to wear the pins on my dress. The birds were our pets and we loved them. We went everywhere with them including the grocery store :-)”

(submitted by IG @kirsten_texas_turner

Doggone It

“We attempted a series of timed selfie snaps with our dog.”

(submitted by IG @romipow

Dog Days

“My dad was into dogs.”

(submitted by IG @justinfromfl

Puppy Love

“1980s, Wisconsin. That’s my mom in the middle, my aunt & uncle on the right, and my grandpa in the back not realizing his kids aren’t paying attention.”

(submitted by IG @natebuteynnn


“I took my 2002 Senior Year with my bird, Jeff. It made the yearbook. Ten years later, I caught him reflecting on our long history. Sentimentality in its truest form.”

(submitted by Anthony)

Glam Cat

“This is me when I was 17. Taken at Glamour Shots in the mall. I thought it was normal to include my cat in all of my pictures.”

(submitted by IG @1lungstrong)

Squatter’s Rights

“My mom, dad, me and my brother taking a lovely family photo. Oh, and the dog.”

(submitted by IG @trigger1980

It Takes Two

“My beloved dog (RIP Angel 2000-2015) and I went through our awkward phases together.”

(submitted by IG @kristenhhill

Adventure Time

“My mom thought this picture would be a great surprise for my dad. My little brother looks like a natural bow hunter and my sister apparently enjoy’s bird watching. I got put in the back to catch my pretend fish because my nose is peeling from a very bad sunburn. Our dog isn’t even happy to be in the picture.”

(submitted by Nicholas)

Peace & Joy

“We were trying to get a family photo including our two friendly chocolate labs.”

“(submitted by Kate)